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Date:  Nov 3, 2013

Yesterday, my young son Kay Kay suddenly have fever and was coughing a lot.

He, different from his brother Jay, doesn’t like to eat a lot.  He does not eat veggies too.  So, his immune systems is much weaker than his brother.

Jay Jay has been taking anti-oxydant supplements for almost a year and he has not had any fever or cough or cold/flu, just like me.  We have been very healthy for one whole year.  But Kay Kay is a problem.

Today, we are going to talk about Nuskin’s Galvanic Body SPA.  


What is it for?  It is actually for slimming purpose.  🙂  It help to make your skin to absorb those fat burning gel/cream.  It is very useful for women who wanted to get rid of the stretch mark.  But this is not today’s topic.  


Today’s topic is how to use this as a Chinese Sensei tool.   Yup!  中医经络养生.  This is the book published by one of the Hong Kong’s Nuskin folks.  And I found it so interesting.  That is why I decided to use it.  And it actually works.

IMG 0899

What do you mean by that?  What is Galvanic Current?

Galvanic current is used by beautician so that it can expel toxin and dirts from your skins.  There is a special gel that you use so to apply on it, and then, you simply use the Galvanic body SPA to roll over the skins.  That gel will go under the skin and then, magically, covered the dirts and then, bring the dirts and toxin out from your body.  I also don’t know how it works.  But it does work as described in the following photos.


Some how, this Galvanic Current at the same time will make the circulations of blood flow more effective too.

And in Chinese Medical terms, all the veins in our body has represent special blood flow systems, and if you can find a method to make the blood flow smooth, then, you become more healthy.  Traditionally, Chinese Sensei uses acupuncture, as well as the Ba Guan (i.e. Fire Cupping).


After the fire cupping, usually, you will have blue black marks.  And that is the mark that represents how heaty your body are.  The darker the color your body has more heat.  (photo from google).


What if I say… you now no need to go see Chinese Sensei and you can do your own Ba Guan (Fire Cupping) at home without using the fire cup?  Huh?

Yes, using the Galvanic Body SPA, we can achieve almost the same thing.

Here are some of the common veins that you need to know.

1.  Inner Hand, blood flow go downwards.

IMG 0901

2.  Outer Hand, the blood flow of the veins goes upward.

IMG 0902

3.  The inner leg, the blood flow in the veins goes upwards direction.  (this is opposite of the inner hand flow direction)

IMG 0904

4.  The outer leg, the blood flow goes downwards.

IMG 0908

5.  For both side of the spinal cords, the blood flow downwards.  

6.  But the Center Spinal cords itself (between the two veins besides which goes downward) is going upward.

IMG 0903

6.  (no pictures) As for the back neck portion.  The veins will go downwards for each side (left and right towards the back).

Basically, what you need to do is to apply the Galvanic Gel, and then, use the Galvanic Body SPA to “brush” or “sweep” thru the veins/direction.  It is either the neck, the inner or outer arms and legs or the back (spinal cord or the two sides).

Then, there is this I-Ching thingy that you will try to follow.  

Yes, the number 6 is Yin 阴 (cold), and the number 9 is yang 阳 (heat).  So, when you do the “sweeping” using the Galvanic body SPA, you should do a multiple of 9 times, i.e. 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72 or 81, etc.  I usually will do a 9 x 9 = 81 times.  Means you do up-down 81 times or you do down-up 81 times depending on which veins you are targeting.


After Golf

So, every time after my golf, my finger, my arms and hand will feel very tense and tired.  My neck will be tight too.  So, I usually will use this to brush it.  This is the outer hand veins.  So, it is from the index finger down-up to my shoulder.  (you can clearly see the vein route visually).  And after doing a few times, you can see the “red spots” started to come out.  And that is precisely the place where I feel sour and pain after my golf game.  

IMG 9386

After golf, the muscles here is pain.  But after you sweep thru using the Galvanic body SPA, you can see the redness of the skins.  That is the same effect like the Ba Guan (Fire Cupping), except that the color is not so red and blue black.  After the treatment, my arms feel very relaxing.

IMG 9387

Now, you might have noticed the “gel” has turned into white bubbly thingy after you sweep thru the veins.  That means your body is very heaty and all the toxin has been expelled out.  These white stuff are bad stuff.  So, normally, you will need to wipe that off immediately.  The more toxic your body, the more heaty it is, the more white stuff going to come out.  Which is good.

IMG 9388

Now, you switch to do the inner hand veins.  So, it is up-to-down direction.  From the front shoulder down to the thumb.

IMG 9397

After you have done it.  You can see that your veins are a bit bigger.  That is because blood flow thru these veins very smoothly.  Your blood streams is circulated.

(Warning:  I think, if you have any heart conditions, please do not do this, as it may worsen your conditions.  You have been warned!)

IMG 9402

Fever, Cough, Cold & Flu

Magically, this is used to treat the above mentioned symptoms. 


IMG 0913

Flu and coughing.

IMG 0911

This is Kay Kay.  Who has a mild fever, with coughing symptoms.  So, for both sides of the spinal cord, you do a neck to waist up-down direction.  Do for 81 sweeps for each side.  Then, you do a down-up sweep from the waist to next on the spinal cord routes.

As you can see, he is quite heaty.  And all the red spots starts to come up.

He has just completed his right blood veins beside the centre cord.  Notice that the centre spinal cords there does not have “red spots”.

IMG 0893

Then, when you do the centre spinal cords, it is from down to up.  And you can see the red spots all come up.  Just take note, when you sweep, you do not apply any force, just lightly sweep the Galvanic Body SPA head over the skin.  Your aim is to touch the skins lightly only, but not pressing hard on the skin and sweep.

IMG 0895

So, after doing this, Kay Kay felt quite sleepy.  And his head is not so warm, as the blood circulation has bring down his temperature.  And the cough is much lesser.

Here is a quick video showing how it was done.  🙂  Thanks Kay Kay for being the model.  hahahaha.


OK.  Now, let’s try it on a healthy person.  (don’t worry, it does not promote extra blood flow on the healthy person, whahahaha).  Jay Jay, come!

A healthy person does not have a lot of red spot.  He also does not have any pain at his back or what so ever, no fever, no coughing, so no “red spot”.

IMG 0896

Look closer, the gel also not turning white and milky.  So, Jay Jay basically has no heaty stuff inside his body.   So, he is very healthy and not much problem in his muscles and veins.  Very good.  🙂

IMG 0897

Nuskin is a MLM company.  I used to have a very negative views and opinions about MLM.  However, after I have used a few of their products and prove that it works, I start to change my mind.  MLM not necessary produce con products.  So, this is another product that I used and I felt that it is useful.  And they are a listed company on NYSE.  And look at their stock performance, it is keep going up for the last 12 months.  I believe they have some technology and these technology have help them to sell their product – the direct way.  It is a very interesting product lines that have change my life style and it makes me very health aware.  Cool product!

Screen Shot 2013 11 03 at 3 12 35 pm

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