A New Soccer Ball – Size 4

Date:  Nov 3, 2013

Jay Jay no longer kicking the small soccer ball.

IMG 0535

Almost everyday, his P2 friend from Nan Hua, Shao Aik, who is our neighbour in the same Condo, will come to our place and ask him out to play with him.

Shao Aik is very good in soccer, so, I asked Shao Aik to teach him soccer.  Otherwise, if Jay Jay don’t know how to kick, he also doesn’t have fun like that.  Shao Aik agreed.

So, that Friday night, they spend almost 1 hour together where Jay Jay learning how to handle a soccer ball from Shao Aik.

 IMG 0554

From sunset until night, Jay Jay learning and thanks for Shao Aik’s patient.  He finally know how to handle a soccer ball.  As I see some of his kick is also quite good.

IMG 0561

So, next day I bought him a bigger soccer ball.  Size 4 from Adidas shop.

Nov 2, is the first time, he own a soccer ball.

So, the two brothers start playing with it.

IMG 0844

He is now more comfortable playing the ball, bringing and kicking the ball instead of always being a Goal Keeper.

IMG 0851

Let’s see how his interest grow by playing soccer with Shao Aik.  

OK.  I took a Slow Mo video, but when I uploaded to Youtube, it becomes normal speed.  🙂

Here is the video clips where the two brothers are playing.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/x9ywp_Za9vc

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