Playing Solitaire Card Game

Date:  April 19, 2020

CB (Circuit Breaker) Measurement can be boring if you don”t know what else to play.

If you don’t want your kids to play too much computer games, you can play a few rounds of Solitaire card games.

Actually Jay don’t seldom play games, as he spents a lot of time doing his school work and group projects.  So, I have to ask him to join me here to demonstrate how to play a quick Solitaire game.

It can be a one player game, or a two players game.  Let me show you how to play two player games.


Remove the Aces and 2’s cards and the Joker cards as well.

This will make the Solitaire game very easy.  EASY MODE.

If you want more challenges, you can put them Aces and 2’s cards back in.

For me, I want to have a higher chance of winning or completing the Solitaire card games.

Yup, Solitaire is a game that does not guarantee winning or solving the solitaire.  If you have more cards then, the difficulty increases.  So, it is up to you.


You setup the cards this way.

Starting with all the 3’s cards on top row.  This is where you place the cards into the pile facing upwards, by following the number order starting from 3.

Then, you have 7 columns, with the first colume having 1 card face up.  And next column will have 2 cards with 1 card face up (open).  The next one followed is 3 cards with 1 card face up.  So the last column (7th column will have 6 closed cards and 1 opened card).

Then, you draw 3 cards face up each time and place it at the upper right corner as shown.  And leave the undrawn cards facing down.

So, your task is

  1. either place the running number cards in increment order following the suits into the top row.  For example, the 4 clubs can go onto of the 3 clubs.  So, you opened the next card after you move the 4 clubs.  Next, you can also move the 4 spades ontop of 3 spades in the top row.  and open the cards under it once you moved the 4 spades.
  2. or you place the running number cards NOT following the suits in decrement order BUT in alternate COLORS in the bottom rows.  For example the 7 hearts card on the far right column can go on top of either the first column 8 spades card or the 5th column 8 clubs card.  So, this is a game of LUCK, as you have choices placing the cards in multiple ways.  Once a path is chosen, your fate will be set.  Take note, the order has to be in decremental fashion with alternate colors.  Means, you cannot place 7 hearts under 8 hearts as both are same color (red).
  3. If there is a empty column (once you clear that column), you can move the King cards to that empty column.  The King card has this special power.


As Solitaire is a game of chances.  So, you might end up with this, and you can played furthur anymore.  This is the dead end, and you lost the Solitaire game.  So, you restart again.

If you want even simple mode.  You can DRAW 1 card each time instead of DRAW 3 cards.

Once you exhausted all the card, you DO NOT shuffle the cards but simply bring the open piled face down again and start drawing the cards without shuffling.

Here you can see the King has move to any empty columns.  So, you hope to have a BLACK king (any suits) and placed it on the 2nd column (empty) and move the entire red Queen running cards from the 3rd column to be under the BLACK king.  But we didnt have that, so, we lost the game.


So, even two player can play the same games.  You can play like this… but NO FUN AT ALL!  Because both suites are different and shuffled differently.


Or you can play like what I do.

So, you make both deck of cards EXACTLY the same.  Shuffle one deck of cards.  The other deck, organised it into different suites.  Then, one by one, you match the cards of the shuffled deck.  So, you end up with two decks of cards that had the same sequence of cards.

Once you done that, you can compete with your son.

Let the competition begin.  Aiya, I took a wrong path, and I lost.  I am stucked.  But Jay is able to continue, and eventually, he finished the game.  Yeah!!!

He so happy.  Of course, with my help.

This is a sample of a solveable game.  And this is how the game should be played.

This is a sample of a Solitaire game cannot be solved.  So, we lost.

For my generations that went thru Windows 3.1… We all should be very familiar with Microsoft Solitaire.

We spent don’t know how many hours playing it.  During work.  When the bosses walked passed, we quickly press the minimize buttom (compare to the 3-finger swipes nowadays).


It is a game that guarantee increase your brain power.

But don’t play it on iPhone or iPad.  Play it with a real deck of cards.



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