Kay & His Ice Beyblade

Date:  April 22, 2020

I think every one should know what is a Beyblade.  It is a spining top toys from the Anime cartoon series Beyblade.  The latest is Beyblade Burst.

OK, what is an Ice Beyblade?  It is the beyblade where you build a “Ice Tip” to it.  It is actually invented by my son, Kay Kay.  Not sure anyother human has played it this way or not?


Does it work?

Of course, you take a look.


So, how to do you make these ice beyblade?

It looks kind of cute.


And yes, exactly, you put one beyblade on a liquor shooting glass and pour water in it.  And freeze it.


Yup, just like that!


Then, you can spin it.


If you did not freeze it long enough, you can still see the water inside, but the outer layer has ice.

This is kind of cool!

Don’t do it on the floor.  It will WET the entire floor.

And it might break the ice too!

Don’t spin it from very high ya.  It actually break it.

It is fun!!!!


Take a look again.

Look at the ice tip move the metal plate while it hits the metal plate.  Very nice.  The whole plate moving.

He uses a bigger plate this time.  Keep improving.

It is nice to see the creativity from the kid.  It is excellent idea.  Why didn’t I think of that?  I guess you got to spent a lot of time playing, then, you can have such imagination.

When the ids have imagination and creativity, you know he will be doning fine next time when he grew up.

Meanwhile, yesterday, during his Virtual PE lesson… He has to do some throwing…

This is what I help him video and submit to the school for his PE lesson…

Well done Kay Kay!


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