Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro

Date:  April 22, 2020

I already have a Brydge keyboard.  And the new Brydge keyboard with the trackpad is still producing and coming soon.

I got myself this.

I know, I know, It’s expensive and heavy!!!!

Let’s talk about it.


I am not going to do a review here.  But rather, I will try to tell you why I like it!  And what is the thing that make it ticks.  Beside the “expensive” and “heavy” part.

Left side is the Brydge keyboard.  It has served my 12.9″ iPad Pro well for a year plus now.  It is also “heavy”.  But the fact that it “feels” like a real Macbook keyboard has make my mind up of getting it for the previous version of 12.9″ iPad Pro.

This right side is my latest 11″ iPad Pro with the Magic Keyboard.

First think you notice, is it elevates and sort of floats in the mid-air.  This will help in a small degree to solve your sore neck problem, a common stare at your laptop too long illness.

One thing bad is you cannot bend the angle down furthur once it reached the maximum angle.


Now, back to why I like it.

The biggest reason is, you only use one hand, lying on the table to navigate your screen.

This is where “only” your wrist is at work only.  Your hand comfortably lying on the table.  So, it will not cause lots of other issue on your neck, hand and shoulder.


Imagine without the Magic Keyboard, you have to “lift up” your arm, and sort of “hang your arm at mid air”, and then, you do your swipe swipe swipe using your finger.

Do you notice that you need to lift up your wrist and down to navigate with an akward angle.

So, after surfing for some time, your arm will feel tired.  Because you did not rest your arm on the table.  hahaha making any sense?


Or worst.  You think you have Apple Pencil and it can do the job.

Still, you need to lift up your arm in mid air from elbow to the wrist.  And holding the Apple pencil some time at an uncomfortable angle can be tiring too.  So, this will still cause some tireless after a long period of time.


Let’s look it from this angle.  See, you lift up your hand to navigate.


Now, compare this when you use the Trackpad on the Magic Keyboard.  Rest your write and arm down.  Simply swipe here and there on the trackpad and cause lesser strains on the arm and wrist.


Take a look, absolute minimun movement on the wrist.  And you can do it pretty fast too.

So, be it reading news, surfing net, reading emails, etc… you can comfortably use it.


This is actually I am reading the news.  I can swipe fast and I can swipe slow.  I can click by touching the trackpad.  I can do secondary click with two fingers too.

How about the 2 fingers swipe and 3 finger swipe… It just work swiftly.

I think Brydge or Logitech can come up with as many keyboard with trackpad as they like.  But no one can design a near perfect keyboad as far as I can see.  I have tested enough keyboard to reach this conclusion.

It really feels nice typing on it.  hahaha Well done Apple!





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