Removing Vomit Smell

Date:  Dec 11, 2012

Being parents of two kids, it is very lucky of us to face with such situation.

Yeap!  Jay Jay threw up in my car while coming back from Violin.  He is not feeling that well that day, and he vomited in his violin class room once.  I should have seen it coming, but, oh well, when your child need to do it, he will definitely do it without hesitation.  But we are so lucky that they only do this a few times to us.  Unfortunately, he did it in my car.  


IMG 4075

So, after you wash it, mob it, the smell is terrible in the car.  So, how do you remove the smell?  

So, I asked this little questions in our LW (Lorna Whiston) K2 What’sApp Group, which consists of about 24 parents.  And soon, helpful answers are on the way.  And I must say this group is the helpful group, and all parents are experienced parents.  

I asked… “Oh dear.. Any good suggestion to get rid of vomit smell in car?

(I am very desperately in getting rid of the smell)


Some of the parents saw the photo i posted, and ask, what charcoal I used… I told them, my wife uses the charcoal left over from the BBQ.  Then, they explained, must use “ACTIVE” charcoal, not those BBQ charcoal.  So so… I learned something every day.  hahaha

IMG 4089

Febreeze will help to cover the smell.  Febreeze is to spray on the carpet in the car.

IMG 4093

Dettol to kill any germs.

IMG 4094

IMG 4092

Dilute dettol solution to wipe the whole car.

IMG 4090

Charcoal is to absorb odour.  Get the Thirsty Hippo desiccant now have “with charcoal” version.

IMG 4091

Can leave in the car while you are away.  Will absorb excess water from the car and humidity while your car bakes in the sun and water evaporates from the seats.

The antiseptic smell of dettol is a whole lot better than vomit.

If you have a powerful wet dry vacuum cleaner it will help remove excess water from the seat after all the wiping and spraying.  i.e. Rainbow.

Another good item for absorbing and neutralising odour is Baking Soda (not baking powder).  This you can just spread onto the seat and leave over night then vacuum away.   

If the smell is still there, can try Eco Advance.  The enzymes EAT away the odour causing bacteria so it really kills the smell.  Most of others only mask or chemically treat the area temporarily.  It kills urine odour too from mattresses and carpets.  That is why the pet shops is selling it so fast.

A big thank you to all the mommies and daddies for giving me promptly advise and HOPE.  YES!  I do really hope I can get rid of the smell ASAP.  Because when ever I hop into the car, the initial vomit pungent smell will also wanted to make me vomit.  I cannot take it too well.  hahaha

IMG 4104

Thanks Chester for brining me the extra long extension wire.

Thanks Cheryl for the EcoAdvance.

Thanks Esther for wanting to help me buy all these stuffs.

IMG 4103

After I put the active charcoals (3 boxes) and the Thirsty Hippo (2 boxes) and spray a few times the Dettol Disinfectant Spray.  The car smell a bit nicer, a bit fragrance, but it still have the strong initial pungent hint of the vomit smell, very faint, but can still smell it.  So, I spray a lot of the EcoAdvance onto the seat, the seat belt area, the carpet area, peace the car for overnight, and see how.

IMG 4106

After leaving the car for overnight.  I checked out the car 6AM in the morning.  And It seems to work, the EcoAdvance, or the Thirsty Hippo, or the Active Charcoal, or the Dettol disinfectant spray.  I can now smell lesser vomit smell.  And it seems that something works.  I think the EcoAdvance does work.  As yesterday night, when I checked the car with the Thirsty Hippo, Active Charcoal and Dettol disinfectant spray, there is still a strong hint of vomit smell.  After spraying the Enzymes, it seems to work.

IMG 4109

Checking on the car seat to see if there is any stain left from the EcoAdvance, and it seems fine.  So, I guess the last thing I will do is to sent my car for grooming today, let them use the strong vacuum to suck out the after killed by enzymes remaining vomit stuff.

IMG 4110

Once again, thank you all Jay’s friends mommies and daddies.  Thanks.




  1. Hi, i chance upon your blog when i am also looking for ways to remove vomit smell in car. May i know if you know where i can still get “active charcoal” in Singapore? Tried searching but cannot find.
    Thank you!

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