Japan Dec-12: Day 1

Date: 12-12-12

It’s time for a family trip again. Since we are very comfortable with Japan, let’s go for a ski trip.

It’s going to be challenging. This will be the first time ever the kids have to see a lot of snow every day in our trip. And the weather is just “nice” according to Siri. “天气很坏"

The kids are comfortable on the red eye flight.

We finally arrived at Narita airport around 7:40am.

Both kids are energetic in the morning.

It’s time to put on heavy winter gear…Jay looks like a Ninjago…

Kay Kay wearing his green coat.

We going to take Air Asia Japan from Tokyo to Hokkaido.

This mommy… Go and sew a fly with wings on their cloths. So Ku-Niang!

Around 2pm, we arrive at Chitose Airport. And immediately we took a train to get to Otaru. Along the way, snow is every where.

Me and my wife stayed in Newfoundland for 6-7 years. So to us, it’s normal. To the kids, it’s amazing.

The windows is foggy, and Jay Jay loves to use his both hands to wipe the window…

We are near to Otaru. There a some brave souls we saw just now doing wave surfing in this cold weather…

Finally we arrived at Otaru. This is our second visit to Otaru.

We have been traveling for the whole day, luggage a are so heavy, Kay Kay in deep sleep mode, lets take a taxi to the Onsen hotel.

And we arrived in Onsen Korakoen. 宏乐园. This hotel lobby is nice.

This is the private Onsen in our room. Totally gorgeous. Much bigger than the one we stayed last trip at Fuji-Q.

It’s hot! And it’s outdoor.

Ok. The time is 4:45pm, the sky is dark, and its time for me to jump into the Onsen after me and Jay went public bathing. It’s not cold. And it’s shiok!

I soak in about 25min. And already I felt the minerals are blending with my skin and body.

While me and Jay Jay went public bathing, Kay Kay makes his first snow man.

This is the first time Kay Kay touch snow.

Making snow balls…

Here is my snow man. We brought buttons and carrots from Singapore to make snow man.

Me… Still enjoying my Onsen.

Ok. Jay practice making snow man. We will have chance make a big one.

It’s time for dinner.

Jay, come have some Sake.

It’s really a lot of good seafood.

Then, it’s time for mommy to take a bath. On the way, there are some resting room, hitch has nice scenery.

Then we spend some time at the hotel lobby area drinking tea, and read books.

It’s 8:00pm, it’s time for bed. Lets go back to our room.

Good night! That’s conclude our first day in Japan.

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