Japan Dec-12: Otaru Aquarium

Date: Dec 14, 2012

Before we leave for Niseko village, lets visit the Otaru Aquarium.

The aquarium is located on top of a small hill facing the sea.

During winter time, it certainly looks cold with strong wind. It’s a small aquarium, what can you expect here?

We decided to come here as we think the kids will like to visit some educational place.

It’s 11:35 already. We quickly run to see the Penguin Walk and we made it!

The penguin looks so cute!

Hello Mr. Penguin.

Jay Jay taking photo with Penguins.

Jay Jay (in blue) and Kay Kay (in green) watching Pororo (penguins).. Haha

This is how penguin walks ya!

Slides down the hill… Weeeee

Steady… Steady…

Bye bye penguins…

This is where the penguins stay.

It’s actually outdoor and have a pool for them to swim.

Ya! Big fatty penguin.

This aquarium is very different from any aquarium that I have visited. There are a lot of strange fish that I had never saw before.

Like this one, the gills is grown outside the fish body.

It’s an ancient fish or a dish from outta space?

A train track fish and nice big prawns.

There are a lot of interesting things here. And the kids enjoy the visit.

They also learned a lot of things here.

Eweeee, what an ugly fish.

Funny looking prawns. I called them 翘屁股虾.

Why the fish has this sucker plate beneath their body?

What a dinosaurs fish.

Strange fish.

Let you feel the temperature of a warm sea and a cold arctic sea

This mommy put her head inside the glass tube. Haha you can see for yourself how a fish see the outside world.

Now is Jay Jay turn. Looks fun!

Watching the seals.

Lots of old age fishes.

Dolphins. Very different one from those we seen in Singapore.

Puffer fish. Yummy yummy.

Wow. Lots of fishes.

It’s quite a nice view of thousands fishes swimming at the same time without clashing.

Ate those big fish vegetarian? So many small fishes around.

Jay Jay watching different species of fishes.

Old aged fishes.

Tiger fish!

More strange puffer fish!

Three legs sea turtle!

Overall this is a very nice aquarium. If you have seen the warm sea aquarium, it’s worth to see this cold sea creatures. Lots of dragon dinosaurs aged fish.


Lets warm ourselves up before stepping outside.

Just outside the car park entrance if the aquarium, there is this restaurant. The taxi driver strongly recommend here.

Outside, they are BBQing the fish. Lets eat here.

The menu looks simple enough!

Wow.. Tour bus bring people here too.

We order one plate first, later we top up another plate.

How about this? Hakachi fish.

This BBQ shell is very nice.

The best dish of the table is his box of very very extremely fresh Uni.

Every one is happy about this seafood meal.


And he secretly took 3 pieces of salmon sashimi. Hahahaha

After the big meal, we took a cab back to hotel to take our luggage and head back to Otaru Station to take the bus to Niseko.

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