Ah Gong Crispy Prawn Chilli with Bread

Date:  Sep 17, 2016

I would like to strongly recommend this Crispy Prawn Chilli.

It is 阿公的老秘方脆口虾米酱.

It is very tasty and really really crispy.


Usually, when I am in Malaysia and I will drop by the Ming An shop at Bukit Indah.  They have a shop there, usually you will buy the 烧包, but recently, I will get this Prawn Chilli 虾米香 Hei Bi Hiam.


They also have a super big super market at Yong Peng.

Yong Peng has two entrance exit from the North South Highway.

Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 5.50.18 AM.png

If you come from KL, then, when you exit Yong Peng, turn left, and the Ming Ang super market and restaurant will be just on your left hand side.  You won’t miss it.

But if you drive up from JB towards Yong Peng, after you exit Yong Peng (not the same exit as the other way), you need to drive another few KM towards the next entrance to North South highway.  Before you reach the entrance, Ming Ang super market and restaurant will be just on your right hand side.


You can eat it with fried rice, fried noodles, veggies, braise pork, etc etc.

Some times, when I am hungry, I take my home made bread, spread a thick layer of Hokkaido butter, and then, put the Prawn Chilli on it.  Wrap it, and eat.

Wow… Nice…. and crispy.


Of course, they are famous for this…


and this…




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