A very Nice Noodle Mixer

Date:  Apr 20, 2014

Yesterday we make Kale Noodle.

IMG 2054

What is Kale?  It is the world’s most healthy antioxidant vegetables.



Wow.  the noodle really smell like Kale strong smell.

Of course, I can make a heavy 炸酱面 meat sauce.  But let’s try vegetarian sauce.

IMG 2853

This is the vegetarian marinated meat with mushroom sauce.  It’s name has “meat” inside, but it is vegetarian meat, which is mushroom.

It is from Taiwan.  I got it from the Organic stall from Harbour Front.

IMG 3035

It is a healthy food.  

100% Natural Fermented Process.

No Preservatives.

No Artificial Flavoring.

No Artificial Coloring.

And It taste real good with the noodles.

IMG 3038

I think you should be able to get it from most of the Organic stalls in Singapore.

It is S$8.50.  Well, all Organic food comes with high price tags.

IMG 3036

So, what you do is to mix your noodle (after boiled) with sesame oil, soya sauce, abalone sauce, and 2-3 teaspoon of this and mix it well!

And you got yourself a very nice plate of Noodle.

IMG 3037

Eat healthy stay healthy.

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