Haw Par Villa

Date:  April 20, 2014

There is this place in Singapore where a lot of people have already forgotten.  For me, my last visit is some 10-15 years ago.

So, it has been recently renovated.

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My Taiwan tour guide friend, Danny came to Singapore.  So, we brought him there to take a look.

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The admission is FREE.  

The car park is $5.  You can park in front of the Villa, or you can take this road up and drive up to the parking lot on top.  

YES.  You can drive up.  In fact, the exit is at the back.

IMG 2722

Perhaps one of the most exciting things to do in Haw Paw Villa is to bring the kids to visit the hell.

Wow, I have to explain to Jay & Kay in very details what is a “Hell”?

Sometimes you hear your neighbour friends say “What the hell?” (instead of what’s on earth)… So, you don’t know what does “hell” mean right?

Well come to hell.

The boys initially got very excited… but after they walk in there…

You can see their eyes started to stare with a hint of scare… 

Wahahaha Welcome to Ten Courth of Hell.

A place where adults can teach the kids about  ethics and morality.  

(It contains very violent graphic images so parental guidance is recommended)


Wow… It is indeed too graphic intense..

So, as parents, you keep reminding the kids …

Don’t cheat in exam…

Must look after your parents…

Don’t steal…

Don’t betray your friend…

Must respect elders…

Don’t lie…


There will be explanation beside every “bloody” display of what will happen if you do something bad…

OK… let’s get the “hell” out of here… hahaha


When you come out form the 10 court of hell, it is time to do some damage control.

This is when you tell your kids something nice.

Don’t worry, as long as you don’t lie, then, this will not happen to you…

Something like that.

It’s time to take pictures…

Tiger Mobil.


Chicken Man talking to Duck Lady.  鸡同鸭讲。 


Riding Leopard.


Tiger Rider.


It is kind of nice learning journey.

IMG 2730

The kids do have lots of fun!

IMG 2734

Here is my comment about Haw Paw Villa.

1.  It is a very education place to go, if you really want your kids to learn what is ethics and morale.  Every graphic display have explanation.  If the kids can read, they can read it for themselves.  Although they do not speak out, you can see the fear from their face.  

2.  Surprisingly a lot of visitors visits Haw Paw Villa.  I did not imagine that it has such a nice crowds.  Why?  Because it is FREE I think.  It attracted a lot of visitors.

3.  The signage of car park is not clear.  Nobody knows that you can park your car up there.  Now, here is the problem, the small little hill is still a hill.  So, if you park your car up there, then, you will have to walk from up there to down at the entrance.  After you finished every thing, think about it, you need to walk back up.  Wow!  that is a killing.  Wahahaha.  But there is only some 20+ car park lots at the entrance site there.

4.  Surprisingly there is no shops open on Sunday.  It is a tourist attractions, it should have shops selling uniquely Singapore staffs, you know.  So, it gives people a very “run down” tourist attractions.  Nobody know if it is a private attraction or a STB approved tourism spot?  If this is part of Singapore, STB better sent people to take a good look and see how to make it better.  

5.  Overall it is a great place to bring kids to, but someone need to make it better.

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