Some Info About Gout

Date: Feb 17, 2014

This is my foot that day when I felt pain when I walk. A lot of friends suggested me to see doctor to check what is it. They suspect is Gout. I was in pain for a few days and so I came to see my doctor.

The doctor check my past years blood test which I had the most recent one done a few months back.

My uric acid is 5.3mg/dL. This is normal level. Only exceeding 7.2mg/dL then I need to worry about gout problem.

And within a year I will have to eat a lot a lot of intestines spare parts in order to reach 7.2mg/dL.

So he asked if I eat spare parts every day? Of course Not! Only less than 5 times a year. Then he says is impossible to become high uric acid in few months time.

Then I show him all the photo I taken.

He says where got swelling? Where got red color?

He then show me a photo that looks more red than the following gout leg.

And he says when you have gout you will have red color swelling similar to that. (He show me a sample of gout leg from his iPhone) wow that is really red.

Then he teach me to watch out for the symptoms…

1. It must be very red. Mine not red at all. I took the photos after walking awkwardly in my croc shoe.

2. It must be warm. Mine not warm at all.

3. It must be swelling. Big swelling. I recall mine is not so swelling at all.

4. It must be painful. And pain not even moving or touching the legs. Mine is only pain when I walk.

5. Tender to touch and feel pain when touch. Mine is not tender. A bit swell thou.

So, what could cause it? It’s quite similar to the gout symptoms.

My guess is me and 2 friends were drinking a lot of whiskey last Sunday. I don’t usually drink whiskey, but that day we were happy so we opened a 18 years Macallun and drink on the rock. May be my body cannot take it. Wahahaha

My doctor says, drink red wine will not cause uric acid to shoot up. White wine, dessert wine and champaign will. So as whiskey. Luckily I like red wine and drink lesser white wine. And that day that whiskey must be the first whiskey I had since don’t know how many years! Wahaha

Plus that week before I had two golf games in the week. So may put too much stress on it.

On that day, I jump on my trampoline too. So may cause stress on the feet.

So it’s false alarm. But I did. Or do any blood test this time, as my medical check up is due in 1-2 months time. So I will wait until then to confirm it lor. Wahahaha

Once I knew this I am relieve. And I will continue to eat my beef, my prawns my clams and so on. Will drink lesser white wine or so. Let’s observe and see. Until then.

Although it is not conclusive but I already felt happy lor after I spoke to my doctor. Wahahaha

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