Junior Golf Program

Date:  Feb 17, 2014

First I have to thank teacher Veandhan @ Fairway Golf Academy spending last year training Jay Jay.  So that Jay Jay has learned the basics of swinging a golf clubs.  He did an excellent job, and very patient too.  Last year, he brought Jay Jay to Jurong JCC 5 holes executive to let him experience golfing.  He brought him there 5 times thru out the year.  


This year, I have move Jay to a more competitive training in Golf.  Since he likes Golf so much, so I think it is also good to let him expose more to the golf the natural way.  So, yesterday it was his first day in the Junior Golf program @ SICC.  And there are a lot of kids learning and enjoying the golf there.  He actually missed last week class as he need to take his Taekwondo grading.

IMG 0326

Wow!  Next week, there is already a monthly competition of 5 holes chip & putt.  

IMG 0328

I like the format of the golf training program.  It is very nicely done, and I am very sure it will help the kids to improve their understanding of golf and improve their game.

IMG 0336

 Jay Jay is enjoying every bit of the game under the scorching sunlight.

1 chip 3 putts, well done Jay.  The green is a bit hilly, so he needs to learn how to read the green properly.  Wahahaha

IMG 0348

Good work Jay!

IMG 0349

Meanwhile, where is mommy and Kay Kay?

IMG 0331

Oh, she is practising golf at the driving range.  While Kay Kay is sitting there playing his game.  Wahahaha

IMG 0332

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