Kay Kay At The 2 Meter Pool

Date:  Feb 17, 2014

If the kid start developing a phobia towards water, then, we should try to fix it.

IMG 9842

I guess the mistake is on me, because I was the one who suggested to “remove” Kay Kay’s goggles and let him try to swim and learn swimming without it.

So, without the goggles, the kid feel unsafe in water as they cannot open their eyes.  

Actually can open, but they do not like it.

After a few times Kay Kay start to have some phobia in swimming.

So, we decided to let him wear a goggle.

And the effect is different.

He now can see under water, he knows what is in there, and so on.

Raising kids is like that, you need to try all sort of method.  When it does not work, you must quickly fall back to the usual way.

IMG 9851

So, two weeks ago, uncle Soh (the swimming coach) brought the kids to the 2 meter pool area to play.

IMG 9853

So, they learned how to star float, they learned how to jump into the water here at the 2 meter mark. 

IMG 9823

Here are some of the amazing footages of Kay Kay reaching a major milestones in swimming.

 At the 2 meter pool, students are asked to come down by holding the ladder handle.  And then, do a star float at the deep water.

A bit afraid, but ends with laughter.

Next video shows Kay Kay playing at the 2 meter pool there.  And then, trying to calm himself down, and concur the fear.  After he got comfortable, he simply lets go his hand and star float.

For the first time, Kay Kay is showing Michelle (a new student) how to do a star float.  Wahahaha.  And he loves it!

Next, they will hold uncle Soh finger and uncle Soh will pull them jump into the pool.  See he can surely swim fast to survive.

Let’s do it again.

Jump!  And swim back to uncle Soh.

For the last video, he is taking too long to dive.  So, Michelle push him.

Like that kids are having fun!  And he is not worried any more.

Daddy is proud of you reaching this stage. More practise will make you not afraid of water.

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