Gadgets: Swimways Dive ‘N Glide Shark

Date:  Feb 17, 2014

I bought these from Amazon.   It’s US$7.08 for buying the shark.  Of course, you will ship back together with your other goods to make it cheaper for the shipping.


What does it do?  When you throw the shark into the water with the correct angle, it will glide in the water and “swim” quite fast and far.  It is quite fun!

Here are the features…

  • Moves through the water just like a real shark
  • Dives deep then glides to the surface
  • Swims up to 20 feet underwater
  • Kid-powered for hours of fun
  • Ideal gift for your little swimmer


Here is the real thing.  Let’s see how it works.

IMG 9806

It is quite a interesting toy.  You can play throw and catch with your son.

You can throw from the air.

See how it enter the water and glide.  Quite cool, is it not?

Or you can dive and throw the shark in the water.  But the angle got to be correct in order to make it work!

Thanks uncle Rusli for introducing this shark to us during Conrad’s house warming/Christmas party.

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