FZ1000 Notes – Capture the Moon

Date:  Dec 25, 2015

Still learning to use my Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 camera.  This is the best I can get for yesterday.

ISO125, f4, 1/500, 0ev, 146mm

I also have the digital zoom turned on.  It is not as nice as my previous super zoom Sony camera.  But still learning it.


Yesterday I believe was full moon.  Very big the moon.


I wanted to take something like this.  But today will try it out again.  I need to learn how to set the Exposure comp. to -3.33 EV.  Yesterday, was playing with it, but could find the settings.

Screen Shot 2015 12 25 at 9 03 50 PM

It is fun!  So, tonight will probably do it again.  But the moon moves really fast.  So, need to constantly adjust the tripod.  Also, the wireless feature of the FZ1000 comes very handy to take the photos using the iPhone App.

IMG 8034

And the kids were having fun watching the stars using my iPad Pro.  Bigger screen with bigger info.  hahahaha

IMG 8036

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