French Fries & Pizza at Urban Ski

Date:  Dec 8, 2015

Today, we bring the whole family for our final lesson @ Urban Ski.  The main focus is Kay Kay.  I really wanted Kay Kay to enjoy skiing.  It seems like we are going to go skiing for many many years to come.  It is a very fast speed sport and needed to take a lot of precaution so that you don’t get injured.

IMG 5722

And yes, Urban Ski is available in Singapore.  It is at Millenia Walk.  And they are getting extremely popular now.  I heard coach Aaron next week going to coach this lady for 8 hours lesson over 4 days.  Wow.  So, people really get the idea of learning how to ski before you go to Japan or Korea or even Europe for skiing.

In fact, this is our third ski.  And later you can see how much Kay Kay has improved.

My wife also learning, but she is an adult, so, she will finally get it.  

But I am so glad to see Kay Kay is having so much fun!

Check out our previous two lessons and see how much we improve….

An Hour at Urban Ski:

Urban Ski Lesson #2:

Screen Shot 2015 12 09 at 6 52 08 AM

This is the third year Jay Jay into skiing.  So for him, it is a matter of recollection of his memory to make it work.

IMG 5729

The first 10 minutes, the kids are trying to remember how to stay stable on this running carpet (snow field).

Kay Kay: “errr…. I don’t want…..”  

He is still a bit scared.

Today is about getting him ready for skiing.  I hope today’s 1-hour lesson will be enough.  This is his third time here.

In order to make him get used to the French Fries and Pizza, coach Aaron placed a clip in front of Kay Kay’s skis to keep the two skis close at all time.

IMG 5749

So, I also get my chance to ski.  And watch him from behind.

Unfortunately, some one fell, and the carpet stopped, and I fell too.

Since I know a little bit of skiing already, I think I better be the camera man today.

Into the 20th min mark, Kay Kay still trying to get used to the skis.

Suddenly he gets it.

IMG 5766

It is just like a scissors ya.  Open and close, open and close.  French fries and pizza, french fries and pizza.

Even Mommy got it too.  Slowly.

IMG 5769

Jay Jay is playing.

He is flying.

He is floating on snow.

Imagining that.

And he is really having lots of fun!

IMG 5773

French Fries…. Pizza Pizza..

He really gets it!

French Fries to move.  

Pizza to stop.  But just that Pizza at Urban Ski means you move to the back.  

At the real skiing hill, Pizza means stop.

Both Jay and Kay is enjoying.  Now coach Aaron is spraying water onto the boys.  To keep the ground wet.

Now they learn how to go left and right.  They are really skiing like that.

Can over take too.

And now comes the testing…

OK.  I think we are ready for the skiing trip to Hokkaido next week.

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