Badminton as a CCA

Date:  Dec 6, 2015

Beside swimming (learn not to be drown), Taekwondo (learn self-defence), one of the major extra sport activity I sent the kids to is Badminton.

They learned their badminton from Singapore Badminton School.

It seems that they have some arrangement with the Sport Centre, as they always get the court #1-#2-#3 on Saturday 10am-12noon.

There are of course many other coaches and badminton school teaching at the same venues.  But I always see them changing different courts and sometimes never appear on Saturday (I am guessing those private coaches had some hard time booking the courts)

I think badminton is one of the easier sport activities that both the boys can learn, and they can play with each other in future.  

Of course, they can also play with their classmates, friends and even future girl friends.  hahaha

IMG 5546

The kids will have to learn the basics.  One step at the time.  Kay has been taking the lesson since March I think.  And so far, he loves the game, and has been eagerly learning from the coaches.  He is only 6 years old, so I have no rush for him.  But the time when he reach P3, he should be able to have enough skills to join the Badminton squad.

It is a very sweating 2-hours training each Saturday.  And I think the kids really have fun!  They even have fun playing with the coaches.

I can see Jay Jay started to love and appreciate the games. 

I don’t want them to be champion, but to train their body in this sport will help them to get fit.  

Especially for Jay, he needs to get fitter and reduce his weight.  🙂 

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