Golf In Thailand – The Royal Gems Golf Resort

Date:  Dec 6, 2015

Last week, I had played 4 golf games in Bangkok in 6 days.

I feel very good about it.

Especially the last day playing at The Royal Gems Golf Resort.

IMG 5406

Mr. Thomas is the one who arrange for me and my friends to play at this golf club.

He is the same Golf / Tour Guide who brought us to two fantastic course in Kao Yai last year.

Khao Yai Golf Trip:

He is the same fellow who bring me and my kids and friends around Bangkok during the big Haze holiday in 2013.

Bangkok Trip Itinerary & Price:

He has been a very good friend, and I have been using his services for many many years for golf mostly.

IMG 3951

The Royal Gems Golf Resort is a private club.  The first 18 holes just build around 4 years ago.

Eventually, they have plans to build up to 63 holes.  

So, Thomas knew someone who can arrange us play in this club (up to 2 flights maximum).

Thomas told me, while he still can get us access into this club, we better play here this trip.

And yes, indeed, I enjoyed it pretty much.

IMG 5442

The pro shops sells some nicest golf shirts too.

IMG 5403

Couldn’t resist, so, I also buy a few and even wear the yellow one on the spot.  I like the soft material.

IMG 5514

This are my golfing partners in Thailand.  And I even asked Thomas to join in the fun!

IMG 5422

It was a great day for golf.

The course is quite pack on a Friday afternoon.

And the caddies wear nice pink uniforms.

IMG 5400

We started to play at hole #10, where they have 9-holes copy exact same layout of Augusta (The Green Jacket Golf PGA Master event).

That is the reason why we come here.  To feel the PGA course.  The course is very well maintain.

IMG 5416

Let’s take a photo with Khun Kannikar, who learned golf since every young.

By the way, she won the best gross out of 19 players just this Monday in my golf event I organised under the Stablefort with Honest John Rule.  

IMG 5411

We played the Blue Tee.

It suppose to be for handicap 10 and below.  But what the heck, they allow us to play, we play.

And it is NO JOKE.  Most of the Par 4, need three stroke to get on the green.  HaHaHaHaHa…

I went into the bunker, and it is so far away from the flag and bunker all the way.  I need a pretty clean shot for this.  But unfortunately, I landed inside the bunker again.

IMG 5424

It is a hot day too.

Today, only one caddie so, no umbrella caddie help me carry the umbrella.

IMG 5425

Now you know why umbrella is important.

IMG 5513

Oh ya… one thing about Khun Kannikar.  

She don’t wear any gloves to hit the balls.

And I think she use one hand to putt.


IMG 5415

I asked here why?  She said, gloves not comfortable, no feel.  hahahaha

IMG 5412

Take a look at the green.  It is so well maintain, and it is really those PGA tour golf course kind of green.  Where your ball will run very very fast on the green without stopping.  So the power of hitting the putt and the read of breaks on the green is very very important.

See, Khun Kannikar put one hand behind her back and swing a few putt to get the alignment and feel.

IMG 5426

Alvin is probably one of the good player in this group of 5.  But he also amaze with this beautiful green.  And I think he miss this put by 0.5cm like that, and the ball keep on rolling.  hahahaha

IMG 5428

After 3-holes, Alvin started to request if we can play White Tee.  We say No.  hahahahaha

Because I feel very good, and wanted to be competitive.  

IMG 5430

Almost every hole (in Augusta copy) are challenging.  Every hole is like need you to hit a very precise shot onto the green.  And there are water around and bunkers protecting the green. 

IMG 5433

After playing the 9-holes from Augusta copy, we are now heading back to Hole #1.  

The next 9-holes are copies of some famous holes in the world. 

This is one of the Oakmount Signature hole.  Hole #1.  Take note of that bunkers on the left.  

IMG 5437

I say I wanted to avoid it, but I also landed by drive here.

I have to use a 7-Iron with a very clean shot to bring it out 130 meter towards the green.  It took 4 shorts for me to get on to the green and 4 putts to finish.  hahahaha Not easy man.

IMG 5441

This is the Bay Hill signature hole.  I scored a 6 on this.  4 on and 2 putts.  

A boogie for me.  I feel so proud already.  Because my first two shots I placed it close to the water on the left.  So, it took me shorter path to get to the green.

Then, I used a wrong iron, and bring my ball over the green.

IMG 5443

This is the TPC Sawgrass Signature Island hole.

Green is very small.  And WOW.  Cool.

IMG 5469

And they are strong wind too.

IMG 5438

Let’s take a quick peek on who my friend swinging her clubs.

IMG 5462 IMG 5465

My ball went into the water on this Island Green.  And my third shot from the drop zone came here.  And look at the slope that will lead your ball into the water if you hit too hard and the momentum from the down hill slope will build up the speed.

I love the green.  I double PAR this hole.  Not easy to putt.

IMG 5468

This is Doral Blue Monster.

And again… huge water on the left.  

I like this hole, because I par it.  hahahaha

IMG 5471

May be because I got lucky seeing this artificial rainbow?

IMG 5472

The Par-3 from Royal Troon Golf Club.  I landed the ball just short outside the green.  So, 2 on 2 putts.  Score a boogie.

IMG 5476

This is the copy of Hole #17 from St. Andrew.  They called it a “Road Hole”.

It is a long par 4.  And I hit three pretty good short just straight.  And two putt to get a boogie.

IMG 5478

This is the signature hole from Bethpage State Park.  Look at all those scary bunkers.  I landed my shot 2 times in bunkers.  And got a double boogie here. 

IMG 5479

Let’s take a look again.  How can you NOT miss the bunkers.  hahaha…

IMG 5483

I love this hole.  Look at the scary bunker.

IMG 5490

The Winged Foot signature hole.  This one not too bad.  I boogie it.

IMG 5493

When you feel great on the golf course, all your swing become good too.  hahahaha

The Belfry signature hole.  I did a boogie this hole too.

IMG 5497

Sun setting soon.  Playing the last hole of the day.

IMG 5503

Not an easy course playing blue tee.  Very long each hole.

But I feel good.

IMG 5506

My two good friends in Thai are very happy indeed.

IMG 5510

Every one is happy.

IMG 5521

Ok, I played 4 games in 6 days.

Here are some of the highlights in the previous 3 games.

Day 1.  The Vintage Club.

It is nice to be back here again.  I had hole in one last year on the 2nd hole in this course.  🙂

IMG 5028

These people arrives one day earlier just for golf.

Three very good golfers.  Two Paks from Indonesia.  Pak Natigor on the right score a 7-over in this course.  

IMG 5041

In to the hole!

IMG 5032

Really had a great time on this easy Sunday game.  

IMG 5037

Day #2.  The Royal Golf Club.

What Thomas told me is “If you can apply and get the “Royal” word in your golf club, then this club club must carry a certain standards”.

I already feel so good about this golf course.  Very nice.

IMG 5076

This game is sponsored game.  So, we have 5 flights today.

IMG 5010

Flight #1.  The top player flights.  All these are low handicappers.  (Pak Nyoto from Telin on the left just had a 1-over game at Cebu ACC conference.  Khun Witaya who cannot decide to declare 8 or 10 as his handicap, Alvin from PCCW is one of the Causeway cup Singapore rep that do well, and Encik Cyril from Fibrecomm, who is #1 in the Causeway club.  Every year, the telco in Singapore play with the telco in Malaysias for a game of golf, called Causeway cup.  And usually, singapore will have to hire players from Indonesia and Thailand and even hong kong to help out.  Singapore telco lost big time int he last two years.

IMG 5087

We have 3-lady golfers this year joining.  Have fun girls.  UIH, BICS & PCCW.  (I not playing in this group)

IMG 5096

Flight #3.  Moratel, Equinix and Global Cloud Exchange.

IMG 5100

May I introduce the hole #17 par 3, 196 yards.

IMG 5110

There is a nearest to pin contest on this.  And this is the guy who win this hole.

IMG 5112

I am the only player who can LUCKILY hit the ball on to this green.  Yeah!

IMG 5114

Later I won two boxes of Pro-V1 for this.

IMG 5170

My flight mates.  The Ramen King David (left), Shahromi from Fibrecomm, and Suzlan from Fiberail.

IMG 5116

We played until sun set.

IMG 5123

IMG 5136

The prize presentation.

IMG 5145

This is today competition rules.

IMG 4827

This two honest John.  Share the pool of money they won.  I only play one over, so, I also contributed 100 baht.  Just one shot shy from being honest John.

IMG 5160

Ball Sweep for first nine.

IMG 5165

Ball Sweep for second nine.  The biggest buaya who declared 24 handicap.  How can.  hahahaha

IMG 5167

The other Nearest to the pin winner.

IMG 5171

Fabrizio also won a nearest to pin.

IMG 5175

We don’t have longest drive.  But we have nearest to the LINE award.

IMG 5176

Lay Khuan was so happy.  As long as you can hit your ball straight.  You stand a chance to win the nearest to the line award.

IMG 5180

Of course, strong player will always be there.  Witaya won the newest to the line.

IMG 5182

To encourage female player to join in our game, I chip in more prizes for the lady players.

IMG 5191

Guess who won the best gross player (after handicap)… Khun Kanikar from UIH.

IMG 5201

She beat this guy!  

IMG 5200

Alvin comes third.

IMG 5192

Guess what!  Kannikar also won the first price of lucky draw.

IMG 5205

All of us were so happy to join in this sponsored event.  Very good friends in Telco world and all play golf together.

IMG 5216

Day 3 (Dec 3):  Panya Indra

If you remember this course, I played in 2013 too and it was there I took picture with Pornanong Phatlum, Thailand’s #1 female golfer on the LPGA tour.

Take picture with Pornanong Phatlum:

Here are the players.  (Andrew not in picture, because he comes late)

IMG 5261

It is fun to play here, because this is the only course that you can hire a umbrella caddie.  The one who take umbrella for you.

IMG 5266

Of course, the normal caddie also can take the umbrella.  Here is Lay Khuan making her putt.

IMG 5271

See.  My umbrella caddie very chio.

IMG 5283

We can have up to 12 people on the green.  HaHaHaHaHa…

IMG 5285

Lay Khuan and her new ISIS Mask.  The one can lift up and drink water and eat.

IMG 5287

We told the caddie Lay Khuan is “Lady Boy”, so, the caddie all wanted to come and take photo with her.  HaHaHaHaHa…

IMG 5293

And of course, I told them I am “Gay” (happy) so they all come take photo with me.  Hahahahahahahahaha

IMG 5295

The green is very fast.  The weather is great!  It was a good day for golf indeed.

IMG 5306

The whole afternoon, I took a lot a lot of photos.  It is the most photo taken golf course.  And you know why.  hahaha

IMG 5342

Not an easy course.  Got island hole too.

IMG 5362

Finally finished the game.  Let’s take photo with this nice tree.

IMG 5363

Ask her to take photo of us.  She go and take selfie of us in the background.  Hahahahaha…

IMG 5367

I think some of them really got distracted.  I played 102 on the White Tee.  Not short.  All also long hole.  HahaHaHaHa…

IMG 5370

Most importantly, we have great company in this year’s golf game. 

IMG 5368

That concludes my 4 days of golf in Thailand.  Very memorable trip.  Make a lot of people have huge smile on their face!

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