Christmas Tree 2015

Date:   Nov 27, 2015

Time Flies.  Blink your eyes, and 1-year has quickly passed by.

 IMG 4825

I can still remember last year when we set up the Christmas trees with the Smith’s sisters.  And now, it is the time to decorate the Christmas Tree 2015.

Below is a link of last year Christmas Tree 2014.  Enjoy!

Christmas Tree 2014:


Getting The Tree

Looking at our next few weeks schedule.  It seems that today is the only day the kids can do something about the Christmas tree.  I will be traveling for the whole week, so, there should be no playdate next week, and after that, the Liew family’s vacation is due, and follow by the Smith Family vacation.

So, the parents exchanged What’sApp to discuss about it in the morning.  And here we are at Ikea on a Friday afternoon.

I never like the trees from Ikea.  So, I think it is a bad idea.  Although it is cheap, but look at the trees, so pathetic.  So, still a NO from Ikea.

IMG 4716

So, we end up at Far East Flora @ Queensway there.


The kids were so excited as this is the first time they shop together for a Christmas Tree.

Yup, the kids get to choose the tree.  They outnumbered the parents, 4 to 3.  As Mr. Smith has work to do at the office.  🙂


Are you sure Kay Kay, you want this small little tiny tree?


The kid has seem to decided on this one.  6-7 feet tree.  Not too bad.  Not too scary.  Not too tall.


They always enjoy the wrapping of the tree.


This is our tree in the wrapping process.  It is the first time the Smith’s sisters seen this.


Done!  Please follow the tree.


Let’s pay for the tree and bring it home!



MacDonald Dinner

It is cool for the kids to have dinner together at MacDonald.  

Easy for the parents as they no need to cook dinner tonight.  It is all about decorating the trees.

IMG 4722


Transporting The Tree

All four kids get to sit in the car with the Christmas tree.  The love the mell of the tree.

IMG 4734

And then few minutes later, we are at home.  Smaller tree also means lighter for me to carry.  I like!

IMG 4784

Squeezing the tree into the lift.  No problem!

IMG 4785

Let’s unwrap the tree.

IMG 4753

Here is the tree.

IMG 4760

Kids, let’s feed the tree ICE WATER, and then, we can start decorating the tree.  Kay Kay, why you are blending in with the tree!!!

IMG 4786


Decorating The Tree

It seems that the kids has chosen this year theme.  Not gold, not silver, not blue, but purple.  So, we recycled all the purple decors and use it for 2015.

IMG 4792

Let the fun begin.


Jay Jay & Ashlyn.  They will do the “taller” part.


Purple is my sister’s favourite colour.


No wonder Ashlyn is always in her smile.

IMG 2088

After the experience from last year, the kids knew what to do.

IMG 2096

Of course, we showed them the last 6 years Christmas tree so that they have an idea what to do.  And how to do it better.

IMG 4811

I must say, it is very nice.  90% kids efforts.  I myself DID NOT EVEN TOUCH ANY DECOR this year.  

That means the kids has grown up.

IMG 4808

And Kay Kay found his Christmas hat!

IMG 4828

Let’s put on the butterfly.

IMG 2100

Now, decision time.  A purple star?

IMG 2103

Or a Gold Star?

IMG 2104

And you have your answer.  A gold star it shall be.


Lovely kids sit together.  How I miss my fireplace back in Canada.  hahaha


Decision of Gold Star, definitely not from this cat!

IMG 4829

The Smith’s Sisters.


So happy smile.  


The Smith Family. (Daddy went to Boss’ event at Cricket Club).

IMG 4894

The Liew’s brothers.


Jay Liew ang the tree.  He is very happy that his Gold Star won over Auntie Ai Loon’s Purple Star.


Kay Kay is happy because he found a Christmas Hat.  The only one left.


May I present the family photo with the tree covered.  

IMG 4895

两小无猜.  These two kids going to P1 next year!


Jay & Ashlyn has grown up so much.  Looks so mature, both of them.


Some time cute too.



This is from our first Christmas Tree in 1993.

IMG 2124


The Star Jump

Let’s do some Star Jump.  Not easy to take the photo without sunlight.  But, let’s do it.  It will be cool.  It will be something for them to remember.


IMG 4898

Kay Kay.

IMG 4899  1

Jay Jay.

IMG 4896  1


IMG 4897  1


Decorating The Enterance

When Santa’s little helper is in town, do not hesitate to ask them to do anything.

IMG 4844


IMG 2110


IMG 2111

They are so experience and they can do this very fast!

IMG 2109  1

What About the Christmas Tree Downstairs At the Club House

We saw this tree by the swimming pool.  Condo usually do not have lots of budget to decorate the tree.  And it is so ugly.

IMG 2082

What can the Santa’s little helpers do?

IMG 4859

Let’s see what we can do about it too.

IMG 4860

Let’s start the decoration.

IMG 2138

Within 20 minutes… The Condo’s christmas tree make over is almost done. 

IMG 4876

Wow, I am impressed.

IMG 2142

Kids, Be very proud of yourself.



Christmas Tree 2015

Looks nice where it is.

IMG 4880

Look, a surprise visit from Nicole and his brother Owen.  Let’s take a photo with the tree.

IMG 4890

Colette with the tree.

IMG 4888

Let’s this tradition continue more years coming… 


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