Food Sampling in Pei Tong Primary School

Date:  Jan 4, 2013

The mommies and daddies decided to try the food from the school.  We saw some parents do it, so I asked the teacher whether we are allowed to buy food from the school.  As in the school rule, it is prohibited.  The teacher said “it’s OK for the first 3 days.”  So, me and my wife, Lukas’ mommy, and Aiden & Brayden’ parents decided to do the food sampling to find out what are our kids are eating in school. 


Of course, our Jay Jay also packed sandwich, biscuits, fruits (apple), and Cocoa Crunch in his lunch box.  And we gave him $2.50 to buy things from the school.  But also give him a condition that he must learn how to save money.

IMG 5608

So, first day, he spent $0.80 for a big cup of Milo.  Second day, he skipped because he saw a friend spill the entire Milo on the floor.  Third day, he go and buy a cup of Milo after eating his sandwich.


Now let’s go down to the food sampling.  🙂

This is “Japanese Curry Rice”.  They don’t use Japanese rice.  But I am impress that every store uses the same rice.  i.e. Brown rice.  The curry is not those Japanese curry.  It is actually our normal Singapore Curry Chicken curry taste.  A bit spicy only.  And seems to use lean meat.  What makes it called a Japanese curry, I guess is the seaweed they put on top of the brown rice.  HaHaHaHa… Well to me, it is a bit tasteless.  But for kids, I don’t know.  Jay definitely needs to know that this is not the Japanese curry we used to had all the time.

IMG 5818

This is the “Steam Chicken” rice.  Again, brown rice.  Some veggies on top, and those chicken you saw, is really “steam” chicken.  A bit dry, but looks OK.

IMG 5820

Fish ball noodles soup.  The soup is clear, and no MSG.  The fish ball is nice and OK.  They will ask if you need more bean sprouts.  I guess that is why a lot of students actually bought the noodles soup.

IMG 5822

Terriyaki Chikcen.  OK.  May be because there is an egg.  So, the chicken is only 1 piece.  Again, using brown rice, and the same brown rice apparently.  Again, because it is Japanese, so, they put seaweed on top of it.  Again, not much veggie.

IMG 5823

Good.  They do teach the kids to put back the plates and bowls.

IMG 5824

OK.  Let’s check out the junk food.  Only one type of potato chips.  The rest is some healthy biscuits.

IMG 5826

The drinks are Milo, Soya be a, and Qing-Cao.

IMG 5827

I bought a packet of this Cassava Chip.  And it is a bit tasteless, quite spicy.  And 1 hour later, I am thirsty.  Definitely no good.  May be they did it intentionally to “educate” our kids potato chips is not nice.  HaHaHaHa

IMG 5828

I think overall, the school must have set guidelines on what to sell to kids.  But I found that the vegetables they put on the meals are way too little.  Some kids may like to eat veggies.  So, may want to have more veggies in stalls.

As the parents were sitting on the bench sampling the canteen food.  The P1 kids walking pass to go to their designated bench for recess munching… 

Jay: “Angry!….”

Jay: “You…”

Daddy: “What angry?  PaPa MaMa also need to eat mah.”

Jay: “No.. you are not hungry… I am hungry…”

hahahaha I guess he is really hungry… 


Again, here are the menu again…

IMG 5616

IMG 5617

IMG 5619

IMG 5619

IMG 5620

IMG 5621

IMG 5622

IMG 5623

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