Jay Passed GAT Golf Ability Test

June 24, 2021

I am glad that I finally re-ignite Jay’s interest in golf.

After 6 years of not touching the golf, I managed to ask my golf coach Zaw Moe to train him during the June holidays this year. So, every week, we hit the golf driving range 2 times for his lesson.

He is slightly taller than me, heavier than me, and therefore, he is wearing my golf shoe, wearing my pants, using my old set of golf clubs.

On June 21, he passed the Golf Rules and Etiquette test with only 1 question answered wrong out of some 30 questions.

So, he is ready to take the Golf Ability Test by SICC. The test will be on Thursday afternoon 4pm.

He is ready. He is hitting longer then me.

How long? A carry distant of 205m, and running at least 50m more. hahahaha

Compared to my best Driver shot… His back swing is slow and steady. I am simply too fast.

And of course, he can chip much better than me.

With very consistent chipping, he should be able to do fine.

His 7 iron is already hitting 143m of carry distant. And 10-20m rolling.

Approach Iron shot is 109m.

Not to mention putting is ok too.

OK, on Jun 24, his GAT test. The tester is watching these kids playing. There are 1 adult, 5 kids being tested on that day.

Basically, the tester will request them to hit 5 balls each on their long, mid iron and short wedges.

Addressing is perfect. Grip is good. Posture is good.

Backswing is slow and steady. Body is quiet.

Down swing is ok.

Hip turn, and hit the ball.

Follow thru is good.

And the final camera shot.

I think after hitting few balls, the tester move away to spent more time on others. Ya.. that is the tester standing on the left behind him.

And he came to me and talk to me. Your son Jay is ready for golf. Can play only on Sime or Island Old course. So, take your time to submit 5x 9-hole score cards so to pass the handicap test next stage.

So, since the June holidays is ending, I think we will wait until end of the year then we collect the required 5x score cards.. His school work usually is really busy.

Good Job Jay!

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