Our First Real RC Cars

Date:  Dec 25, 2015

It’s Christmas!  Merry Christmas!

IMG 7918

Perhaps they are most happy to see these two presents from me.  I always wanted to buy RC cars.  But those that I bought from Toy R’ Us are not really RC Cars.  Those are … powerless.  Yeap, may be the best word to describe it is powerless.  

I bought these from Sim Lim Square 2nd floor, Hobby Square.  They only carry 1 brand, and that’s it.  And I must say, after I seen it run, it is a “Real” RC cars.  Where you can play it at the race track at East Coast Park or at the Bukit Panjang MRT off road track there.

IMG 7909

Let’s give it a run.  I bought both green color, but different shape.

IMG 8011

Let’s try it.  WOW!

WOW!  It is so powerful the motor.  And it is fast too.

Watch out for this reckless driver.

IMG 4225

Kay Kay keeps driving the car hitting the curb.

Take a look at the slow motion action here.

And as a result after 20 min of playing… two dog bones broken, one dog bone cup missing, suspension leaking oil.  Hahahahahaha…

The RC car cannot move at all.  This is the dog bone holding the wheels and rotates it.  And you can imagine the impact of the crash is so hard that the RC car was completely dead after that.

IMG 8016

Reading manual time!

IMG 8017

This is intense.

IMG 8018

That is the parts was broken.  

IMG 8019  1

So, we brought it back to Sim Lim, and get it fixed.  I also upgraded to a better dog bone (one piece) and metal.  So that it will so easily break again.  

We have to changed the whole front and real dog bones, considered it an upgrade.

Also fixed the suspension, as it was leaking oil.  They have to find a “cup” to hole the dog bone too.

After this, the kids really know how to “handle it with care” means.

IMG 8029

Especially mr. Kay.  HaHaHa… punish him to eat more.

IMG 8033

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