Hokkaido 2015 – Jay Makes Glass

Date:  Dec 17, 2015

This year, we engage a private tour guide to bring us around the way we never knew how.

One of the stop, she arranged two person to learn how to make glass.

IMG 2909

Both Jay and Kayden will learn from the glass master to make glass today.

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We were here last year.  And we are glad to be back again.  But this time, we sent Jay Jay to learn how to make glass.

IMG 6873

Gea Gla is located around Lake Toya.

IMG 6874

He is the owner of Gla Gla.  But he was not in that day.

IMG 6949

His glass artists makes a lot of unique hand made glass wares.

IMG 6875  1

There is also a movie was shot at this Gla Gla location.

IMG 6944

Yup!  Jay Jay is the chosen one.  He is going to make a glass with bubble on it.

IMG 6882

That is the big furnace and that is where you get the molten glass from.

IMG 6884

Kayden is going to go first.


After that, it is Jay’s turn.  I have the full 15min video at the bottom.  Now, let’s see some of the highlights.

First the master gave some tutorial again.  After seeing Kayden does it, Jay already have some idea what is going on.

IMG 2886

So, first step.  The master got some molten glass out.

IMG 2893

Jay will have to roll it.  He has to put one hand behind and then roll the molten glass.

Next, he has to blow air into the molten glass.  So to make it hollow.

IMG 2895

After blowing the air, he has to roll.  Like this, blow and roll blow and roll.  At this point, he has to use his right hand with the clamp.

He has to use a stick to push the molten glass so to make a handle place.

It also involve some polishing., etc.

Then, you have to flatten the bottom.  So, keep rolling Jay.

And more air needed.  Blow blow blow.  Careful Jay, don’t place your hand on that table.  It’s hot!

Then, you make some bubbles by sticking some glass powder on it.

Keep rolling Jay!  The instructor now will try to make the handle to hold the glass.  By sticking a molten piece on to the bottom and then cut the top part open.  Wow.  It is like magic.

Quick.  Blow again.  And then use the clamp again to shape the glass neck.

Now, you have to make the opening.  The glass has slowly come into shape.

Let’s open up the glass opening.  The glass is now tends to be harden.  And it is done!

The master did some final touch up.

And flatten the base.  And it is done.  

This is the full video coverage of Jay Jay learning how to make glass.

It is a wonderful feeling and an unique experience Jay will never forget.

IMG 6933

Let’s take the photo with the glass making master.  A job well done boys!

IMG 6947

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