Kay & His First 20KM Bike Ride With No Gear

Date:  Dec 25, 2015

Before that day, the furthest we ever cycle is from home to West Coast Park and back.  13KM.  But on Christmas day, Kay Kay broke his record.


==== Updates ====

Updates (27/12/2015) – We brought Kay Kay to cycle again at Garden by the Bay, Marina Barrage to East Coast Park then back to MBS and opposite of MBS.  So, we did 25.39KM today (and I only started my RunKeeper after 1-2km later, forgot to turn it on).  So, I think he could have easily bike for 26-27km today.  hahaha

IMG 8098

==== End of Update ====

Here is a video clip of Kay riding his Islabike.  His islabike is only 6.6lbs (less than 3KG).

Here is almost at the finishing.  Back to our car.

Takes 2.13 hour to complete the 20.36 km ride.  Yeah!


It’s just an almost straight line ride.

IMG 8001

Oh ya.  I bought myself and my wife a present this year.  A pair of folding bikes.

IMG 7795

It is a tern folding bike.  Surprisingly very easy mechanism to fold.

IMG 7803

It is the lightest of the tern bikes.  9.66kg.  I didn’t get the other brand who has the lightest bike around 8.9kg.  Because it has the limitation of 90kg.  I am at the edge.  hahahaha.  And I don’t like those folding mechanism too.

IMG 7802

Here is the Tern Verge X10 introduction video.

Once it folded up, it looks like this.  Notice that the two wheels are on the ground and you can move them forward (not backward, as the pedal will move if you move backward)

IMG 7808

So you can push the bike with two wheels on the ground forward.  Very cool.

IMG 7809

So I took it for a ride the next day.  And it is definitely slower than my Trek hybrid.  Much much slower.  But hey, I only buy the bike for recreation, so no need to ride fast.  It is one of the fast folding bike already.  hahaha

IMG 7801

I installed a Cateye bike computer.

IMG 7804

And a nice looking iPhone holder.

IMG 7805

I bought the bike from a near by bike shop, “My Bike Shop”.  There is one at MidView City and one at Faber Drive.  The one at Clementi is going to move to town area.

Screen Shot 2015 12 27 at 6 49 25 AM

So, I fitted both adult bikes in the car boot, and put two much lighter children bike at the back.  I feel more secure this way rather to have two huge adult bikes at the back.

IMG 7941

The combine weight of these two kids bike is not more than 11kg.  So, you can tight it tighter and when you drive on the road it is not as shaky.

IMG 7940

Let’s begin our ride.

IMG 7948

How I miss those days I spent riding bike, roller blading at East Coast Park.  Now as the kids has reached primary school (both), we can bring them out more here.

IMG 3468

Let’s take a selfie at every place we ride.

IMG 7971

It is a long ride, but the kids actually enjoys it.


Just outside the Safra Golf Club, there is this Tool Station.  Cool indeed.

IMG 7974

IMG 7976

It even has a pump.

IMG 7978

Pump Air by stepping on it.

IMG 7979

Very happy kid today.

IMG 7983

Happy Riding Bike day.  

IMG 7999

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