Gadget Notes – 4K Ultra HD Action Camera from China

Date:  Dec 27, 2015

I got a new gadget.

My friend Mike bought this for me from Shenzhen.  It cost about RMB$400.  This is about SGD$86.

It is a “GoPro” look alike camera.  HaHaHa… But 15%-20% of a GoPro price.

IMG 7680

The box.  It’s 4K.  It is also Ultra HD.  It is Wi-Fi.  It is waterproof of 30M.  It has 2-inch Screen.  And it is an Action Camera.

IMG 7670

It also have a Super Wide Angle Lens.  170 degree.

But the battery is only 1050mAh.  I think it is a bit small.  50 mins to 1.5 hour, that’s it.

IMG 7673


IMG 7675

The waterproof casing has 4 buttons.  Seems pretty secure.

IMG 7682

The screen is quite decent.  Not so intuitive UI.  But after you get the hang of it, it is not so bad.

IMG 7685

Looks very sleek.  The ON-OFF button is at the front.  The shutter button is on top.  

IMG 7687

The right side is the up and down button.  The down button is also act as the quick switch for Wifi. 

IMG 7689

The left side has the HDMI port, the USB port as well as the micro SD card slow.

IMG 7688  1

The bottom battery compartment is not so nice design.  It has no connecting hook.  So, don’t lose it.  And the latch is not so firm.  

This is the Made in China battery.

IMG 7690

The manual is in English, and it is very impressive.

IMG 7676

It is quite well written.

IMG 7677

You will be more impressive with the mounting kit they gave you.

IMG 7674

That’s is really impressive.

IMG 7692

Yup, here are all the contents of the kit.

IMG 7679

There is both iPhone App and Android App to download.

IMG 7678

The Ez iCam is quite easy to use too.  And after you connect to it, basically, you can use it to control your 4K Action Cam.  (SPCA6330/6350 based).

Screen Shot 2015 12 27 at 7 38 07 PM

The down button is to connect the Wifi.

IMG 7699

Yup, you can control almost all the items in here.

IMG 7700

you can view the files.  And of course, you can download them to your iMac, or your iPhone.

IMG 7704

The download takes a long time.  

IMG 7705

OK, now, let’s put this into test.  I went to East Coast Park and mount it on my bike.  And see how the video performance.  To me, it is pretty decent.

IMG 8069

I never had a GoPro yet, so, I cannot say how it compare to GoPro.  But except for some time the stabilising function not there, most of the time it is good.  I need to set the exposure too as it was too bright the background some time.  Need to learn how to set that.

Otherwise, it is a pretty decent cheap 4K camera.

 It looks pretty decent!  Definitely 4K quality.  The following clips are uploaded to youtube.  You got to have good Internet as Youtube is adaptive technology to play video.  

Another video clip.  As you can see the sea is too bright, so, we lost details on the sea.  But I am sure there are some exposure setting we can use.

When the environment is darker, you can feel that the video quality has a lot of noise.

I still think it is pretty decent.  But under the bright day light it is very hard to see the LCD screen.  So it will be impossible for me to adjust the exposure.

I placed the camera pointing upwards.  Wow, look at the details of me drinking the soup.

Overall, if you don’t want to spent the big bucks to buy Go Pro, may be can buy this from China and use it first.  Wait until you really need that kind of power, then, you buy GoPro.

By the way, we went cycling again.

IMG 8072

I think Kay Kay really love cycling.

IMG 8076

We cycle to Marina Barrage, East Coast Park, Garden by the bay and MBS today.

IMG 8089

It is a nice feeling to cycle at MBS.


And today, both Jay and Kay broke their record and cycle about 25.39KM using 2 hours and 38 minutes.  Well done boys.

IMG 8098  1

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