E-Books: The Minecraft Guide for Parents

Date:  Feb 17, 2014

Found a good book for casual read.  If you are a parent, you may want to read this.

Also, after you read, and you may want to let your kids have the iPad to play Minecraft.  HaHaHa

To me, I view minecraft as a “good game”.  It is a game that you will see how your kids spend their imaginations and creativity on.  They can build a lot of things out of it.

It is about mining.  Mining iron, copper.  It is about chopping trees.  And after you collected all these resources, you mix and match the resources, i.e. iron + wood, and it will become something.  This is how human being learned how to survive in the wild by grouping all these info, and begun the civilisations.

IMG 0266

Wow!  At Kinokuniya, it is selling for S$38.47.

IMG 0265

So, I bought a E-Book version on my iBook instead.

IMG 0264

Educations for P1-P3 is not always about studying, enrichment classes that conforms to MOE standards.  It is also about letting them to have fun!  And Yes, I do let them play their iPads sometimes.

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