Date:  Oct 8, 2012

Today is Jay Jay’s birthday.  So, we decided to bring the kids out from school to LEGOLAND Malaysia.  My comments about this amusement park is right at the end of this blog.  🙂

IMG 4769

First, road direction.

Where exactly is LEGOLAND MALAYSIA?  How far away is LEGOLAND from my place.

NOT FAR!  I am staying in Park West Clementi, so, from my place to LEGOLAND it is less than 30 minutes if there are no jam at the Tuas 2nd Link.  This we are very surprise.  It is at Kota Iskandar.  Just follow the road sign, you will get there within 6-8 minutes once you pass the custom at Tuas 2nd Link.

IMG 0002

There are huge sign directing you there.  In my opinion, the driving is safe.  When I come home from there, it takes me 27 minutes to pass thru the custom, and reach home.  That is even faster if I go to Orchard from my place in the morning.

IMG 0005

The car park is huge.  But the car park lot is still in sands.  I am not sure why, but it seems like a half-job to me.  From outside, you cannot see the LEGOLAND at all.  

IMG 0873

They really trying to rush to open LEGOLAND.  See, even the Hotel is not ready yet.  Do you know that there is also a Hello Kitty Land near by?  This is for the girls.

IMG 0883

Welcome to LEGOLAND Malaysia.

IMG 4766

OK.  This is the price.  WOW!  RM140 for a day admission.  That is SGD$57 per pax.  And SGD$45 for kids.  But if you look at the Annual Pass, I think it is worth it.  Basically they want to make you come more than 2 times a year.

IMG 0885

For those who bought the EARLY BIRD.  This is what we paid.  2 Big 2 Small – SGD$354, plus the $12.20 gives to SISTIC.  We got 10% discount.

IMG 0830

Here is our pass!

IMG 0886

Folks, weekday, they close at 6PM.  For October, Wednesday NOT OPEN.  Weekend close at 8PM.  So, mark it down.  But school holidays, they open on Wednesday.

IMG 0884


We are here!

IMG 4776

We are finally here!  HERE!

IMG 4778

Hey, since we are on our shades… let’s take picture with this funny guy with sun glasses.

IMG 0889

First stop.  Driving school.  This is the FIRST time Kay Kay sits in a “real car” that you need to step on top the peddle.

IMG 0900

He really don’t know how to drive, and where to start… HAHAHAHAHHAA 


Then, he slowly learned…


Mean while, Jay Jay is at the Driving School… To really learn about how to drive not the road…


There he got his first Driving License.


Jay Jay and his blue car.

IMG 4839

Jay Jay got his Driving License from LEGOLAND.

IMG 4847

Next, we sit on a plane.

IMG 4858

Cute little LEGO planes.

IMG 0920

Most of the rides are very kid friendly.  3 Years old definitely can go.

IMG 0926

They love the planes.

IMG 4860

Mommy and Kay Kay have lots of fun here.  

One more important thing… if you come NOT DURING SCHOOL HOLIDAYS… and NOT DURING WEEKENDS… basically, NO QUEUE, and you can play a lot a lot of time without queuing.  HaHaHaHa

IMG 4872

Every plane has the LEGO sign all over it.

IMG 4875

Then, we took the big huge train…


Here we can see quite a lot of LEGOLAND… and have an idea what we want to do next…


Since when Jay Jay went to India?

IMG 4893

And Kay Kay too.  When did he go to India?  What is the different from visiting the real place… hahaha

IMG 4901

And they are now in Singapore… Clarke Quay.

IMG 4908

They even have duck boat.

IMG 4912

Don’t play play… Duck boat can go water and can go land.

IMG 4917

They even have Merlion.  

IMG 4918

They even have PSA port. 

Now, think…. The LEGOLAND is only 10 minutes away from Tuas Custom.  They have a lot a lot of Singapore miniature buildings and attractions.  And it is 3 hours away from Kuala Lumpur.  So, LEGOLAND is build to attract visitors to Singapore and Singaporeans.

IMG 4920

Now, they are at Forbidden City.

IMG 4890

Now, you thought kids don’t like this miniature park.  Think again.. Secret water gun when you press the button.


And this… The lego trains….  Got KLIA Express Train, Got MRT, Got KTM Train, Got Airport Train, etc…

IMG 0947

and this… makes the kids run…

IMG 4921

That makes your kids run here and there…

IMG 4932

Chasing the train…

IMG 4944

We spent almost an hour here… Just chasing the train… hahahahahaha

IMG 4961

It’s fun watching them run…


And they did a lot of exercising yesterday…


There are a lot of kids playground for them to play too…

IMG 4970

Here comes Kay Kay…

IMG 4984

Me and Jay Jay sits in the mini Dragon roller coaster…

IMG 5006

We have lots of fun here.

Screen Shot 2012 10 09 at 8 11 02 AM

Then, we play some games.  This is the only games that you need to pay as you can win prizes.  

IMG 0963

Quite fun!

IMG 5034

We won a purple dragon… And he love it!

IMG 5043

Really loves it… hahaha

IMG 5044

Then, we go up into the sky…

IMG 0972

And we can see the LEGOLAND sign from here…

IMG 5045

Kay Kay loves it.

IMG 5046

It’s almost 6PM.  Closing soon.  This should be our last ride.

IMG 5053

The mini train ride.

IMG 5074

You are hungry?

IMG 5096

Let’s jump…

IMG 0994


IMG 0997

Good Bye LEGOLAND… See you soon…

IMG 5117

Good Night!

IMG 5123

Let’s have a nice dinner…

IMG 1006

Surprise to have a nice photo shot for his LEGOLAND pass.

IMG 1002

This is Jay Jay’s pass.

IMG 1003

And this is his driving license.

IMG 1004

For now, we like it.  But there are still a lot of things need to improve. Here are some comments and useful info.


1.  BUS Service

For those people who don’t drive.  There are buses to go there.  You can take bus from Boon Lay or Juring East Bus Interchange.  to the CIQ at Tuas 2nd Link.  From the other side, there are shuttle going there.  RM2 per ride.  But watch out the timing and I am not sure whether there will be a lot of people or not.  Here are the link.

2.  Tour Service.

This will guarantee you have seats on the bus.  It’s a tour.  Not so expensive.

3.  Very near to Singapore.  

I like the traveling part.  As soon as you pass the CIQ at Tuas 2nd Link, it takes about 10 minutes to reach LEGOLAND.  YES!  10 Minutes.  Use 312 EXIT, follow KOTA ISKANDAR, and follow LEGOLAND sign.  You reach there in 7 min if you drive > 120km/h.  hahaha  LOVE IT!

What does that mean?  As long as you check the web site for traffic condition, and you are sure there is no traffic jam at the causeway, you can actually go to LEGOLAND very often.

4.  Get the Annual Pass

I strongly recommend the Annual Pass.  If you plan to go there more than 2 times.  It worths it.  Why?  Because all the ride are free, and you can keep playing and playing.  And if you are hungry, food is cheaper too compare to Universal Studio.

5.  The Mall of Mendiri

There is a mall at the entrance of Lego Land.  Don’t have too much expectation of it.  It is not like those high end mall.  I ate at Burger King, the Burger seems bigger, but the service really sucks.  Well you cannot compare to Disneyland Japan where all the staffs are there to serve you and make your day happy.  Also, we found that lots of flies.  Big fat flies.  The staff there explained… there is a huge rubbish mountain behind and no one seems to bother to clean it.  Well.. eating inside the restaurant with Air-con, with fat fat flies flying around, you get the idea.

6.  Not for Adults.

It looks small at first.  But once you got used to it, the LEGOLAND is quite a good place for kids to visit.  It is not for adult.  There is only few rides for Adults.

7.  Not that big

If you ask me, a full day is enough to finish the park.  We arrives at 2pm and play for 4 full hours.  It’s enough for us.  They still building the Hotel.  Actually, there isn’t much thing to visit around there.  I heard there is a Hello Kitty park.  But still half day is good for us.  And why do you go back to the Zoo or Bird Park so often, then, it will be the same reason why you want to visit LEGOLAND again… provided you got the Annual Pass. 

We will go back again…




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