Haba Kugelbahn

Date:  Oct 8, 2012

This year, I almost run out of ideas, what to give to Jay Jay.  

Mommy gave a Telescope to him.  Yes, the one at the bottom together with a Stars Chart, and Stars book.

Yeap… I think he is too young for that… Let’s see how dear Mommy teach him how to use the telescope and read the stars… even I also don’t know how to see the stars.  I downloaded a couple of the iPhone/iPad Apps, but up until now, still cannot figure which is which… hahahahaha

I love Battlestar Galactica, but up until now, I still cannot name all the 12 colony… hahahahaha

IMG 0823

So, that day, we were visiting the Best Toy Store, the kids were looking at a few Haba toys.  And I figure, let’s buy those toys from Amazon for them.  It actually saves more than 40% buying from Amazon.

I am a Amazon Prime member, so, I enjoy certain % of discounts on the items, plus FREE 2-days delivery in US.  All the goods sent to my Citibank Borderlinx account.  And it takes 2-4 days to reach Singapore.  And It just arrived on time, on Jay Jay’s birthday.

IMG 1009

Just an idea how much we save… 

“The Better Toy Store” selling S$219.90

Screen Shot 2012 10 09 at 11 00 00 PM

Amazon sell US$85.49

Screen Shot 2012 10 09 at 10 59 27 PM

Exchange Rate SGD is much stronger 1.2296

So, simple math calculations…

S$219.90 – US$85.49 x 1.2296 = you save SGD$114.78

But, because it is wooden toys, you need to buy a lot of it, and other things that can help you to save on the delivery charges.  This time, I used the fast 2-3 days speedy delivery from US to Singapore.  So, higher cost, but still save more than 15%.

Introducing Jay Jay’s 2012 presents.  Haba Kugelbahn.  In English, mables on wooden block.  In Hokkien, Ba-ku-li.

IMG 1012

The aim of the toy is to build a mable track with all the wooden blocks with holes, tracks, etc.  Not so easy, must learn from the manual.

IMG 1015

So, yesterday, he build this.

Not bad for a beginner.   Even Kay Kay loves to play this.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/N2_iFBPiUN4

Today, because I have a late dinner.  So, they build this at home, and wants me to test it when I get back. 

Both Jay and Kay loves it.  And Jay has the following definition…

1.  Jay Jay regards himself as “The Engineer”.

2.  Jay Jay says Kay Kay is “The Tester”.

3.  Jay Jay says Mommy is “The Helper”.

OK.  If “The Helper” (Mommy) can help nicely, did an excellent job, “The Helper” can be upgraded to become “Engineer #2”.


Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/cqalyVwwRIQ

Well done!  Mr. Jay.  And Happy Birthday again!

Verdict:  This toy is addictive.  The ba-ku-li is also addictive.  Once they play it, and they cannot stop it.

And it is all about creativity.  I am sure this is better than Telescope.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 

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