Happy Birthday Jay Jay

Date: Oct 8, 2012

We celebrate Jay Jay’s birthday at school, as usual.

IMG 4691

First, introducing the LEGO cake.

It is Jay Jay’s 6th year old birthday.  The candle is LEGO candles and the number 6 candle is sitting on a mountain.

IMG 4640

This is the full assembly of the cake.  A huge cranky lowering down the candles.  The bull dozer and the trucks are trying to finish BUILDING the cake.  Those LEGO are real, not edible.  🙂

IMG 4646

That’s the bulldozer… and he is clearing the sweets rocks… (edible)

IMG 4650

What is this little man doing.  Spider man?

IMG 4656

The cake look kind of crowded.  But it is our design.

IMG 4649

Another Cheryl Shuen production.  But pool Cheryl, lately she has a lot of stress handling some legal court cases.  Why?  Because some people go and sue her for creating some cakes that infringe copy right.  

WHAT?  Hey “some people”, are you out of your mind?  It’s just a birthday cake, and mostly she created for kids.  Like that you also want to sue the cake shop.  How much revenue you can make from the copy right? 

For goodness sake, the cake is for kids birthday celebration (and yes, sometimes for wedding, for others).  Must be they see Cheryl make some $$ cakes, that is why red eye.

That is why when we first design the cake, Cheryl says cannot put copy right material, such as the word “LEGO LAND”, cannot even build iconic building such as Changi Airport, Vivo City and so on.

IMG 0833

As usual, the paper drawings that how we want the cake to look like.

IMG 2426

And Jay Jay start constructing his LEGO crane for his birthday.

IMG 2427

And there you have it, a fantastic LEGO theme birthday cake.

What you want is to see this happy face.

IMG 4672

See this surprise look.

IMG 4675

Showing off the capability of his LEGO crane.

IMG 4676

All the kids watching his cake.

IMG 4677

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/7Bq-eBhlfG8

So Happy!  This is his last birthday celebration at Lorna Whiston.

IMG 4678

Oh dear… I am only 5 years old.  There are only 5 candles?  NO Jay, the 6th candle is the number 6 candle itself.

IMG 4679

Happy Birthday Jay Jay!

IMG 4680

The candles are lid up!

IMG 4683

Ms Joy really a pro in taking photographs.  The Canon in her hand, and she took really nice photos.

IMG 4691

 The Happy Happy Birthday Song…

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/DikBmnMMjgY

Annabella and him.

IMG 4695

The kids and him.

IMG 4696

And there… the young one took the bulldozer…

IMG 4699

No… give back to me…

IMG 4707

Why?  And he start licking the sugar from the wheel. hahaha

IMG 4709

The two little engineers trying to show something…  What are they doing?

IMG 4719

Oh NO!  They clamp a LEGO guy there… 

IMG 4723

Preparing all the cakes for the kids…

IMG 4737

Kids are playing…

IMG 4753

They like his crane.

IMG 4755

Figuring out what to do…

IMG 4757

OK boys and girls, its time for the goodie bags…

IMG 4763

Thank You!

IMG 4667

Now, we brought the kids out after the birthday celebrations.  LEGOLAND, here we come.  That is why we are already wearing the LEGOLAND shirts.

IMG 4767

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