Art Boot Camp Trial Class for Jay Jay

Date:  Oct 6, 2012

Today, Jay Jay did not have Violin lesson as Mr. Leong take a day off today.  So, we decided to sent Jay Jay to Art Boot Camp Trial Class.

IMG 0716

This week, her teacher, teacher Nancy is teaching pencil drawings.  So, at first, I thought using pencil to draw, may not be Jay Jay cup of tea.

IMG 0721

But then, later, when teacher Nancy teach him how to use a tissue paper to wipe the pencil drawings… He begun to show lots of interest.

IMG 0727

Mean while… Kay Kay still doing great… Remember, he follows pretty teacher.  So, when teacher Tina moved to Sunday to teach, Kay Kay follows her.

IMG 0723 

Oh… Kay Kay is drawing a submarine this week.  This is the best part he likes, using the hair dryer to dry his painting.  Every kids love this part.  I guess why Art Class is popular is because of this?

IMG 0734

Jay Jay now start to color his painting but not the pencil drawings.  I think this is the part that he is looking forward to.

IMG 0729

He learns how to draw circle and fill in the painting…

IMG 0735

What are you drawing Kay Kay?  oh, SQUARE Bubbles…

IMG 0739

We were surprise when we signed up the Art Boot Camp that Kay Kay can sit there for 1 hour 15 min just to do drawing… and he really focus in drawing…

IMG 0743

It is all about art.   So, you pencil draw, then color it with water color, and then, put some glue and sprinkle some shining stuff on it.

IMG 0745

There you go, the fruit drawing.

IMG 0752

This is what Jay Jay has drawn.  OK la.  

How we got headache.  After the trial class, Jay Jay says he wants to continue.  🙁  Yet another think he wants to learn.  Remember, we never force our son to take any extra curriculum class after his first tennis lesson.  And since then, he likes swimming, Taekwon-do, Violin, now Art.  We are still considering… as we really don’t know where to put him to.  It will be too rush and too harsh for him.  I guess we have to learn how to say NO to him now.  hahahaha

IMG 0749

As for Kay Kay, this is his master piece this week.

IMG 0747

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