A Wonderful BBQ

Date:  Oct 7, 2012

In the beginning, it suppose to be a very simple BBQ.  But a simple BBQ can evolve especially when kids are the one doing the planning.  HaHaHa

It actually evolve into a Swimming Pool Birthday Party.  And it was a great party.


More than 14 kids from Jay’s preschool were here to play int he pool.  I had never since so many Lorna Whiston students gathered in the swimming pool before.  

IMG 0764

Water gun is shooting in every directions.  Jay Jay is taking down all the photos of these memorable moment.

IMG 0767

Hey, look at me, I am ready to fire my water gun!


Don’t shoot me!


I turned around, and yet, another water gun is aiming at me…


The fantastic four…

IMG 0780

Thank you Isabelle to be present here too… She is having her first ever Math Exam tomorrow, and yet, she is here today.  Thanks… 加油!And I learned that only P3 got exams.  P1 and P2 is like honeymoon period for the kids.


Riandy using his super power to fly out of the water…


This is a happy face!  Definitely!


Jay of course is happy!


Another smiling face…


Gwen is happily swimming too.


Matt came and now they are trying to find their target…


That is the target that we are looking for… 


Wait… Isn’t this post looks like the following…




I love this post.  It is like a Star Trek captain firing a phasor gun.  But why there is this hand with camera shooting him?  HaHaHaHa


A-B-C.  🙂


Matt shooting the stars…


Lot’s of funny pose.


Mean while…

Let me introduce the Fire Starter… and the main chef…

IMG 0759

The wonderful sauces of every thing.  If you want to do a BBQ, you must do a very professional one.  HaHAHaHaHa… FYI.  This is our first BBQ staying in this estate for almost 12 years.  HaHaHaHaHa  YES!  THis is the first time we do BBQ.  hahaha

IMG 0761

But the most interesting things is this wonder charcoal.

IMG 0756

My wife bought it from the Giant.  And according to her, because she do pottery firing, she knew that this sort of shape can keep the temperature high and yet won’t burnt out the charcoal.  so, first you burn it hot, and then, rearrange it properly.  This is $7 per box compared to the normal $2-$3.

IMG 0757

Amazingly the centre of the charcoal is still burning.  But the outside keep it hot.  Look at the video then you know what I meant.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/QduHoxPfgEo&amp

Look at how Chester rearrange the charcoal.  very nice.

IMG 0783

Let’s BBQ.

IMG 0784

Chicken backside.  Wow, its the most popular dish tonight.

IMG 0790

Food keep on going out.  Great!  

IMG 0791

We had wonderful night, and the time is so fast and we forgot to take lots of photos.  And it comes the time for Birthday cake session.  All the kids are watching the candles to be lid up.

IMG 0797

Jay Jay is turning 6 tomorrow.  There is still another birthday cake tomorrow from Cheryl Shuen.

IMG 0801

A bunch of happy kids.  Thanks for Justin conducting the birthday songs (I like the finger movement).  Jay Jay is so happy today!  Thanks for every one for making this one of Jay’s happiest moment.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/8nAqYWtAzsQ&amp




IMG 0815

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