Thomas & The Hidden Treasure

Date:  Oct 6, 2012

Two more days to Jay Jay’s 6th birthday.  Let’s go and watch the “Thomas & The Hidden Treasure” musical play.

IMG 4442

Wait a minute.  The one that love Thomas so much isn’t Jay Jay.  It’s Kay Kay!

Look, Thomas shirt, Thomas shoe, and Thomas bag.  Where is his short?  He wore it yesterday and he forgot that he needs to wear it today.  So, it is in the washing machine.

IMG 0634

The musical play is held at the Singapore EXPO Hall 8.

IMG 0642

We bought two flags, two lamp, two outdoor sets, two posters, etc.  But I quite like this Thomas lamp.  The ambient lights looks quite good for their room.

IMG 0648

But the price tag is a bit ridiculous.  It’s $30 a piece.  That is Ex!  But the kids love it!

IMG 4417

We are sitting at row J.  Because is Jay Jay birthday, that is why I bought row J.  But soon, I realised it is a big mistake.  HaHaHaHa…

IMG 4425

Let’s take a photo quick!

IMG 4429

The used to be #1 fan!

IMG 4444

The now #1 fan!

IMG 4452

And let the show begin!

IMG 0673

 The Thomas & Friends theme song.  Everybody love this song.


A bunch of visitors including the Fat Controller’s mother is here on the Island of Sodor.  So, Fat Controller decided to come up with a Pirate Tour and he will be choosing Thomas to carry out the task!

IMG 4457

Here comes Thomas!

What?  We can find the lost treasure of the great pirate Blue Bottle Leg?

IMG 4476

Here comes Percy!

IMG 4479

Arghhhh!  It’s Gordon!

IMG 4508

Kay Kay is already 3 years old.  And he is well behalf and he is ready to watch musically show in future.  We got a Disney Mickey Mouse Road Show on Dec 1.  Now, I am thinking about the Nut Cracker.  When the children is young, I would like to let them expose to musical shows.  I think music is good for the kids.

IMG 4514

Jay Jay first show is also Thomas the train.  It was three years ago we brought him there.  Both Jay & Kay can now appreciate the musical show.

IMG 4517

Thomas was lost in the woods.  He tries to find the lost treasures.  His track was broken.  So, he was forced to stay in the wood overnight.


During the show, the actors keep interacting with the audience.  I think that is a very great thing to do.  It brings up applause, and laughters.  He carries his bucket and tries to decide where to throw the water at.


Now, who is the one laughing at me?

IMG 4557

Is it you?  It is definitely you.  hahaha 

IMG 4558

The kids love it!  It’s not that wet after all.


The cute cat that stole the fish.

IMG 4586

There … the cat finished another fish.  Left with fish bones only.

IMG 4587

More interaction with the audience.


And Thomas finally found the treasure!

IMG 4597

And there are lots of gold in the treasure box.

IMG 4598

Finally it is time to say good bye.

IMG 4609

This is the last song… 


 The end. 

IMG 4632

And lots of colourful ribbons falls from the sky.

 IMG 4635

I am just following my footsteps.  I remember my mom always bring me to cinema when I was very young.  I always watch 刘文正, those love stories form Taiwan.  Then, my daddy brought me to see 007 The Spy who love me.  Then, we went to see Donney & Marie musical show.  When I was 7, It was Star Wars that inspired me.  Then, all the classical cartoons such as Cinderella.  Ever since then, I love to watch TV, movies, etc etc.

So, I decided to my kids will follow my footsteps.  🙂



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