Jay Jay The Network Engineer

Date: Dec 27, 2020

One of the best thing in life is to be able to

  • Try & learn new things
  • Learn from mistakes

When we first moved into to this home, I have rejected every single network cable done by my Electrician contractor. The reason is simple, they are not from the IT world, and thus, they bought the cheapest cable, the china made lousy network caps, etc. This story was captured in one of my previous blog below.

Today, Jay Jay found my network tools for making cable.

So, he tried to make his own network cable. But he cannot read Chinese well.

Therefore, he misunderstood it. And produce the below “lousy” network cable. He thought one side follow the left T568A standard, and the other side follow the right T568B standard…

As a result, he make this first ever network cable. Very happily show me.

I told him it is a crap! Hahahahaha

Where got people do this kind of cable. He said it is for testing. I read the color code immediately I notice all color are wrong. Hahahahahaha. The “Internal organs” are exposed. Wahahaha

And naturally, this cable won’t passed the cable tester.

I said if my boss Hock Koon see this, he will be mad. Not to him, but to me, and tell me off “What I never teach my kids how to make a proper cable?” Hahaha….

During my Pacific Internet early years, we have to make our custom length network cables, and we have to make a lot and a lot and therefore, we have the skillset to do so.

But I am so glad that he is trying to learn new things today. So, I pick up the tools and start making a proper network cable in front of him.

Then, give it a good squueze…

And tada…. This is a proper network cable. FYI, I made this within 1-2 minutes… He was shocked to see his daddy can make this cable so fast. I told him I made all the cables in my network cabinet.

Oh ya, I made all these cables in my office that day.. hahahaha

So, this is how a proper network cable should look like.

And no “internal organs” exposed.

The color code should be White/Orange, Orange, White/Green, Blue, White/Blue, Green, White/Brown, Brown.

Side view.

back view.

So, he asked for it. Bo pian, have to keep practising it.

But keep laughing at himself. 2nd cap done.

FAILED again. Keep doing. The grey color outer shield should be inside. hahaha I guess he cannot jude properly how long the inner cable should be. So I teach him a few tricks.

So, he keep doing it. Let’s see how is this…

I went to take a quick shower, and when I come back, he showed me his perfect cable.

Ah-ha that’s more like it.

He tested the cable and say it is OK.

That concludes the cable making lesson today.

I am glad about his hunger for knowledge, and willingness to try out. And when he failes, he dont feel sad, but keep non-stop laughing at himself and retry. When he make the perfect cable, we was very happy.

Yeah! Perfect cable.

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