Jay Jay & His First Ray-Ban

Date: Dec 25, 2020

Every year, I have problem buying presents for my son. This year, I might just found the perfect present for him.

Jay Jay likes to walk with his friends. This year end holidays, he has completed both the 17km, and the 175km of the Straits Time walk. And on top of that, he accompanied his friend to walk his 175km too. So, you can imagin how much he walked during holidays.

So, for this Chrismas present, I think think think think think….

And finally, I watched my favourite movie one of the day… And viola…. I found the perect give for Jay Jay.

So, he got his first Ray-Ban… It actually looks nice on him…

I can even make a meme out of it…

And I know he loves his Ray-Ban.

Of course, I gave him a backup present too.

As for Kay Kay, also very difficult to buy present for him. I bought Gold for him to keep.

I also give Kay the limited edition of U-No. Me and him have been watching One-Piece Anime for almost 500 episodes. We love Gum-Gum Luffy! Hahahaha

Of course, the best present I gave Kay is this.

And he use it to shoot Koko. Hahahaha

Quite an interesting ting I got from Taobao. A pack of 4-colors (4 boxes) cost about RMB60 only. But the quality of the toy is good. hahaha

As for me, myself. I bought this for myself. From China too. A PowKiddy console, that has 1000 games on it. hahahaha

But the best present I bought myself is this. From Xiaomi. A instant warm water dispenser. You can dispense up to 6 different temperation of water. hahaha

Merry Christmas 2020!!!

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