Gadgets – Xiaomi Water Disperser

Date: Dec 31, 2020

Perhaps the best Christmas present I got myself is this…

A simple water dispenser from Xiaomi.

Before having this, I need to boiled water to 100 degrees, either let it cool down or mix with cold water to become a warmer water. And then mix my 养生 TCM powder (泡参+田七+石斛+虫草). Now, with this water dispenser, I can set the temperature to 65 degrees and mix the TCM powder and drink it straight away. So convenient.

Btw, if you are interested to know what are those TCM powder. Here is it. After my heart bypass operations, I need to slowly drink this, a cup a day, without the Ginseng (too heaty for me), and slowly gain back my energy. 🙂

I think I bought it from Taobao China.

The link is as follow… I even bought the water tank.

It is now the most useful appliance at home. You can do milo, coffee, tea, oat meal, and of course plain hot water or plain drinkable hot water.

See the water dispenser in action. OK, it is kind of slow, but it is faster than letter the boiled water cool down. hahaha

Best thing I can say about it is, instant hot water, 7 different temperature settings, the water tank is 1.3L volume.

Oh ya, you can also attached the mineral water bottle.

Or hook it up to big mineral water tank.

3 seconds heating tech.

7 different types of temperature to suit your needs…

Great product indeed.

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