Sudoku For Kids

Date:  Feb 18, 2014

He has finished his CMA homework.

He has learned all the spelling and 听写 for this week and next week.

He has prepared his show & tell materials.

He has read two Chinese story books on his own time.

He has done today’s math homework – pg 60 to 66.

He is now at home.  

He is now waiting for Kayden (his buddy on the school bus).

So, what will he do?

Usually he don’t watch TV.

So, while eating his lunch, he found the Sudoku book I bought for him a week ago.  

He took a pencil and try to do the first page.  (Easy)

IMG 0445

So, when I get home around 6pm, he asked me to check the first puzzle if it is correct?

So, I checked.  And indeed is correct!

IMG 0448

This is the book I got for him.

IMG 0449

It’s design for kids.  So, it has more Easy puzzle.

IMG 0450

Usually I keep a stacks of story books and puzzle on the table.  I am surprise that he even will touch this Sudoku puzzle book.  But I am glad that he did.

There is at least 36 pages of Easy puzzle (Apprentice) for him to solve.  

IMG 0451

Last year, teacher already start giving them 2×2 puzzle.  This is his first time completing 3×3 on its own.

Same concept same method.

He used 20-25min for a Easy puzzle.

IMG 0447

So, this is the second puzzle he tried and we did it together so that to show him different ways of viewing the puzzle and solving it.

This is about constantly scanning the lines in horizontals and verticals and in boxes.

This helps them to focus.

I have word search puzzle for him too.  But he does not seems to touch that at all.  

IMG 0446

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