Kay Kay Swimming Progress

Date:  April 20, 2014

It is another week of swimming lesson for Kay Kay.

This time, the reward is we will watch “Captain America – The Winter Soldier” if he does not cry, learn well in class, listen to uncle Soh, and perform great in class.

Of course, Kay has heard of this “The Winter Soldier” for so many times from his classmates and he wanted to watch the movie.


So, after the lesson, I played with him and teach him new tricks.  So, we learned that he is actually holding a long breathe to swim with his head underneath.  

Sometimes, it is funny to see his face holding the breathe.

So, today, we will focus in blowing the air out from his mouth.

And because his mood is very good today, so, he is able to do that.  Cool.

Many times.

Then, we teach him to blow the air out from the nose. 

So, keep doing it so that he is familiar and not feeling scare.

Then, we ask him to try slowly jump into the water.

And surprisingly, he says “Again, again!”

So, we let him run and jump.

We let him jump and swim.

We let him jump, and star float.

We let him jump, dive and blow bubbles and swim.

Tried all the combinations.

And I made a home movie for him.  It is very important to keep all these video very handy and can be watch any time if possible on the TV.

He always enjoys watching his own movie.  And he learned too.

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