Nice Nasi Lemak

Date:  April 18, 2014

Yesterday after a golf game at Horizon Hill, my friend Weng Hong strongly recommended this Nasi Lemak.

And it is good!

IMG 2973

I always hated the nasi lemak in Singapore, as most of them does not have “character”.  Singapore nasi lemak is not nasi lemak.  They added in so many things such as chicken wings and otak and fish and so on…

I like the nasi lemak that is simple, with nice sambal, that is not burned.  

IMG 2974

Just take a look at the simple egg nasi lemak.  

IMG 2976

OK.  Enough said.  Where do we get this?

From a Petron Kiosk at the last rest area towards the Toll and Custom in Malaysia.


Just before you reach the toll, there is the rest area after the Gelang Patah exit.

Screen Shot 2014 04 18 at 8 13 16 am

That is the Petron kiosk.  FYI.  Petron is the merger of ESSO and Mobil and they rebrand it as Petron.

Screen Shot 2014 04 18 at 8 12 29 am

The nasi lemak kiosk is just outside the petron mini mart.

IMG 2971

So, you take a basket and get whatever you need and bring it inside and pay.

IMG 2969

There are three flavours, blue one is fish, red one is egg and the other one is chicken.

IMG 2975

This is the type of nasi lemak I like to eat.  It can be a bit expense when you drive in to Malaysia and you need to pay the toll from both side.  But if whenever you come back from Malaysia via Tuas, no harm give it a try.  I think they should have a lot of nasi lemak there, but it is running out very fast.  HaHaHa… so, it is also depending on your luck huh… hahaha Yesterday, we reach there just before 9 I think.  So, there is not much left and almost every one in the queue bought this.  I also bought some curry puffs and doh doh.

IMG 2972

Thanks buddy!

IMG 2970

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