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Date:  July 13, 2014

Last few days, I picked up a Geronimo Stilton book and read it to my son before they sleep.

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Before the last few days, I always thought Geronimo Stilton is just a book that has colourful highlights on some common or uncommon words.

My impression is that thru colourful words, it help the kids to somehow “remember” the vocabulary.  hahaha

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Only after I read thru the books, then, I know the book is “deeper” than that.

Every book also comes with information pages to teach kids something new.  Something that they might not be able to learned from school at the moment.

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For example, statues of Liberty.  The kids may not know about the history of it.  They might not know that there are also a statue in Paris.  But thru the book, they will slowly learn all these knowledge.

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Another example… The also teach geography, science and history.  All these info are valuable information.

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It actually helped the kids to pick up new knowledge.

Of course, the story of Geronimo Stilton happened in a fictions island, called Mouse Island.

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Everything that Geronimo Stilton story is going to happen mostly in Mouse City too.

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So, I think the Geronimo Series is actually a very good series.  And I am glad that Jay Jay actually picked up the reading habits from his peers.  I believe most of his classmates are reading and talking about Geronimo Series.  This is something like what we talk about Chinese Martial Art story books during my time.

A quick check on the book shelf, these are the books Jay already has.

So as you notice, sometimes I do buy double of the books for him.  Because I really cannot keep track in my mind which one I have already purchased.

 IMG 7372

So, I decided to come up with a manual way to keep track.  This is how I keep track now.  HaHaHa.

And I kept a soft copy on my Evernote.  So, before I buy new book, I will take a look here.

I also buy Kindle copy for Jay’s iPad Mini.  And these days he really go to toilet very L-O-N-G.  But since he now develops a reading habit, let him be.

As you can see, I also buy the Thea’s series for some books I want him to learn the topic.  For example Thea’s journey to Atlantis.  What is Atlantis?  What is lost city?

For the same reason, I also have the Fantasy (about dragons), the Cavemice (dinosaur’s era) and the Spacemice series too.

IMG 7360

It is quite fun for adult to read it too.  Since I bought it on Kindle, I can read it from my Paperwhite Kindle or iPad too.  🙂  That is the good thing about buying the soft copy.  I am guessing, he still can read it for another 2-3 months for these books I bought for him.  🙂

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The universe that Geronimo Stilton has created is great.  It really teach a lot of things to kids thru his interesting story happening around the news paper magazine building, the Mouse City and the Mouse Island.  

I encourage the adults also read it too.  So that you can have good conversation with your kids.

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