2014 Art Collections

Date:  July 14, 2014

[Updated Photos]

These are the three painting walls at our place.

As you can see, this is the third wall, children playroom.  And the wall has been populated.  Need to find another wall to put their painting soon.

IMG 7389

It all originated from their bedroom.

IMG 7392

This is the second wall which is the living/dining table wall.

IMG 7390

From the other direction.  Don’t be afraid of putting up their art works.  It will not mess up your house.  hahaha.  In fact, these walls has been the wall most of my guests will talk about.  Kids feel very proud to have their painting having on the walls.  So, may be the next thing we will do is to “keep” the old ones and only hang the one that truly deserve to be up there.

IMG 7391

The choice of colours they used, and the choice of picture they drawn is up to them.

1.  We hang all their paintings and drawings on our living room wall, their bed room wall as well as the play room wall.  This is to tell them that their paintings are important to daddy and mommy.   Therefore, every time, must do their best to produce the art pieces.

2.  For those that is ugly, we will hang it on the toilet wall.  So far, there is none.

3.  From young, they learned to be creative.

4.  They learned how to follow instructions.  Or follow exactly what they teacher ask them to do.

5.  They also learned how to follow their hearts.  By not following the sample drawings.  Use your own colours.  Draw your own things.

6.  Most importantly, they have fun in all the classes.

7.  Make the kids sign for their work as a habit.  This is to make them own their own work.

These are the art collections we have from January 2014 until July.

Horse (Jay)

IMG 7289

Tree & Bird (Kay)

IMG 7299

Owl (Jay)

IMG 7784

Flower (Kay)

IMG 7786

Sail boat (Jay) & London Eye (Kay)

IMG 8449

Water Falls (Jay) & Bedroom (Kay)

IMG 8889

We have to open the third wall (in the Children Playroom) to hang their paintings…

IMG 8905

Animals (Kay)

IMG 0318

Abstract (Jay)

IMG 0325

Very colourful!

IMG 0324

Me and Planes (Kay)

IMG 0572

Eagle (Jay)

IMG 0577

Doodles (Jay)

IMG 1060

Sunset (Kay)

IMG 1068

Russian Dance (Jay)

IMG 1521

Lily Pad (Kay)

IMG 1523

Simple and nice.

IMG 1538

Super Kay (Kay)

IMG 2230

So happy to paint his name.

IMG 2231

Gold Fish (Jay)

IMG 2712

Monsters (Kay)

IMG 2714

Big Ben (Kay)

IMG 2856

Mermaid (Kay)

IMG 3604

Musical Instruments (Jay)

IMG 3826

Car (Kay)

IMG 3831

Alien World (Kay)

IMG 4122

Kites (Jay)

IMG 4124

Potata Chips (Kay) & Smiggle (Jay)

IMG 4325

A bowl of Fruits (Kay)

IMG 4458

Keys (Jay)

IMG 4460

Dolpins (Jay)

IMG 4904

Ice Cream (Kay)

IMG 4906

Happy Father’s Day (Kay)

IMG 5063

Lily Pad for birthday girl, Chen Lao-Shi.

IMG 6880

Happy Birthday Chen Lao Shi.

IMG 6879

Twinkle twinkle little stars (Kay)

IMG 6980

Collage (Jay)

IMG 6973

It is a two weeks project.  Hard work man…

IMG 7317

Angry Birds Kites (Kay)

IMG 7308

Do You Like My Kites?

IMG 7313

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