Jay & Blended Fruit Juice Drinks

Date:  July 18, 2014

May be is a good thing for Jay Jay wearing his new braces.  That means, he could not eat “hard” food, such as Apple, and so on.

IMG 7154

So, what is the solution?

So, advised by the doctor, Jay will have to get his fruit nutritions via blended fruit juice.  And now, he started to blend his own fruits.

No wonder just now he was asking for my Japanese blueberries I bought from Meidi-Ya.  HaHaHaHa…

IMG 7480

Today fruit juice is

1.  Big red organic Fuji Apple.

2.  Kiwi.

3.  Organic Blueberries from Japan.

4.  Water.

5.  Ice.

All Jay did is to choose his fruits, wash it, and ask adult to cut the apple and kiwi, and then put all the fruits together and blend.

IMG 7483

 He has started to blend his own juice and he likes it!

And he has to start learning how to use Mommy’s gadgets.  All the gadgets are should be quite easy to use.

IMG 7487

Refreshing fruit juice with all the skins blended in it.  Juicy too.

IMG 7490

Let’s try the new drink.  Is it nice?

IMG 7492

No doubt!  It taste good!

IMG 7493

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