Kay Kay Is Ready for TKD White Belt Grading

Date:  July 13, 2014

Just this morning, Kay Kay had a bad fall in the car park.

So, he has fresh wound on his hand..

IMG 7347

and his knee too.

IMG 7348

He is in pain as he cries because of the wound.  So, we have to put quite some number of plaster on it.  HaHa

IMG 7350 IMG 7351

But he did something that makes us very proud today.  He finally got his “Black Tape” needed for the White Belt Grading.  The grading is on Aug 2 & Aug 3, and after every day keep practising 3 times the white belt pattern, he did great in front of the teacher, and the teacher pass him for the grading.  So, that means, this will be his first TKD grading.

 IMG 7334

Oh boy, we are so glad about this.  He has been in the TKD Tots class for almost a year and a half, and finally, in June, we put him In the normal grading class.  And after a few weeks of handwork both in the class and at home, he is ready! 

IMG 7341 

Today, it is also the first time, he joins Jay Jay class.  Most of the time, both the brothers are in separate classes.  But for today, it is the first time, he join Koko’s class.  And he felt very different, very “grow up”.  And I am surprise he follow all the instructions the teachers ask him to do.

IMG 7322 

Then, he and a few kids went into another class for practising & evaluating their white belt pattern executions.

IMG 7330

I watch him from outside and surprise that he is like almost forgot about his wounds on his hand and knee and keep following all the instructions the teacher gives.  So, finally, he managed to execute the white belt pattern on first try.  

So, every Sunday, we can bring Kay Kay and Jay Jay go to the same TKD class again from now on!  Yeah!

IMG 7340

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