Rainbow Loom – Part 2

Date: July 13, 2014

This rainbow loom thingy is really like “Frozen”, win the kids heart so easily and the next thing you know, they are eager to learn how to knit more complicated looms.

Kay Kay finally requested to learn how to knit the rainbow loom with the Y-stick.

And I must say, he did a pretty good job for a 4-year old kid.























As for his brother, the brother started his engineering mindset, and started to embark on the more complicated project.

To him, it is like a factory.







































Look at my Rainbow Loom daddy. 







































I must say, he is pretty good at it.

This is a video of Kay Kay knitting the rainbow loom for me.

This also trained the kids in terms of imagination and how to use the colors.







































This is what Jay Jay did. I personally think that it is a cool color combinations. It looks great on my hand.







































It also looks great in a box.























This is what Kay Kay knit for me. It is his first project. And I am happy to receive it.























And of course, there got a lot of idea from the youtube.























So, now, they are researching of making flowers looms.























Can’t wait to see what they can come up with.























The following are some of my thoughts…

1) Treat this as like a challenging art project that has zillions of possibilities to boost kids imaginations. It is good for their brain. So, it does not matter if it seems like a girl toys for boys.

2) Good for the parents as every project takes some time to do it especially in the beginning.

3) Good for the kids that they learned how to be patient in making it.

4) To me, it seems very difficult. The kids likes it that is why they have interest in producing it. So, next time, it can be a lesson when your kids say some new things are too hard or complicated, you can use rainbow loom as an example. Why rainbow loom, also complicated and you can do it? HaHaHa

5) Parent like me who don’t know how to do it, also happy. Why?

Ole-ole-ole… I get to wear it. HaHaHaHa…

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