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Date:  Mar 1, 2014

Time flies.  Today is first day of March of 2014.  Already.

Today going to introduce one of the app I like and I think Jay Jay not so fond of it, but he has no choice but must learn to like it.

His father say so.  Muahahahahaha.

Oh ya, I do let my kids play iPad from time to time, only before bed time.

And some times I will say “Education Games” for 15 mins, and after education games, you can play any of your game for 10 mins.

This actually works!

The kids actually will get the chance to learn more things from the iPads, before they play the games.

Kay Kay will play his “Sight Words” games.  Very awesome games.

Jay Jay will play this Singapore Math game.  Actually is not a game, it is more like an assessment app.  HaHaHa.

Anyway, the title is called “Singapore Math, Bar Models Grade 2”.  It’s free for few questions, to unlock all questions, you need to pay US$9.99.

A bit pricy, but I think it is a very well done App for kids in P2.

Screen Shot 2014 03 01 at 6 29 35 am 

By the way, if want to know more about other math apps that is suitable for Singaporean kids, go to below link.


If you want to know more about this “Singapore Math, Bar Models Grade 2” app, click on below link.  It is quite cool.  And you may have guess, there are Grade 3, Grade 4, and so on.  I am very sure the person who wrote this will be rich.  I got to spent some time to write apps too.


In primary 2, Jay Jay started to learn bar model diagram to solve addition and subtraction problems.

This is what they called “Word Problems” in school.

What I found is Jay spent a lot of time in “drawing” “perfection” rectangle in the word problem instead of trying to figure out what is the problem.  So, it actually “slow” them down in that sense.  As they need to use ruler to draw perfect rectangle and so on.

So, this app helps in the sense that he does not need to draw perfect rectangle as it will always become a perfect rectangle.  So, he can focus in is workings.  And understanding the question.

IMG 0768

On Singapore Math app, you are given a problem, and you simply need to solve it using a bar model diagram.

The process involves drawing two rectangle, size it, add a text in each block, and then add a bracket and show the total, and mark down the question mark for things you need to solve.

IMG 0775

Then, pull up the working area to write your equations and do your workings.

IMG 0777

Then, you fill in the answer.  If you get it right the first time, it will be 3 stars.  If you get it wrong, each time, 1 star will be deducted.

Cool, isn’t it?

IMG 0778

Here is the video of me trying to solve the word problem.  Quite fun!  Easy to learn.

And most important thing is the concept.  The more question he does, the more bar model diagram he drew, the more better he grasp the concept.

Also, running the app on iPad serve as an incentive for him.  After doing 2 questions per day, he gets to play iPad games such as Minecraft, fieldrunner, monopoly, and so on.

Check out the tutorial, it also teach them how to solve each type of the problems.

When you go to harder questions, it has the necessary tutorials too.

This is the introduction video about this Singapore Math Bar Model Grade 3 app.  Take a look and you get what I mean.

Not only you can play the game in order, they also shuffle the questions so that each time you get a group of different questions.

IMG 0771

So, you have comparison model, you have part-whole model, and all these are according to MOE P2 syllabus.  Which is a very cool app.

IMG 0784

Later part, there will be money and measurement question too.

IMG 0772

Multiplication and division will reintroduce slowly too.

IMG 0773

So, with this app, not only the child will be happy using it, by giving a little incentives after each lesson, it also encourage them to learn.

Try it!

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