Jay Jay’s First Medal

Date:  Mar 2, 2014

Today must be the happiest day for Jay Jay.

He got his first medal from his golf class.  Last week, he participated in the monthly medal game – “Chip & Putt” and he is the winner for his class.  

IMG 0818

Taking photos with the girl winner.  🙂

IMG 0814

The coaches decided to hold a mini competition again today.  To see who can hit the 7 iron the best.

IMG 0810

And of course, he hit it well.  With the new technique the coaches taught him, he don’t overawing his club, take it slow and nail it.

IMG 0806

“Good work!”  But after hitting the ball, his head follow the swing and look up.  That is a no no.  But the hit is good enough to swing the ball high up and carry a good distance.  He also learn to take practise swing before hitting the ball too.  Good job!

So, I guess continue practise and have fun in golf, in no time, his golf will be better than his daddy.  I like! 

Again… Congrats to Jay Jay!

IMG 0817

Next competition will be on Mar 23, where he needs to hit the iron shots between the cones, and into the hoops.  Wow, he got less than 3 weeks to practise.  Hope he can keep winning new medals.

But the most important perhaps is the Mar 25 Beginners Test / GAT Test.  Hopefully he can get the yellow tag and I can play with him at the Millennium course.  

IMG 0801

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