TRA Detox Diary – Day 4 & 5

Date:  Oct 28, 2012

When I meet up with Yenni that day, it was a busy Monday.  Thus, I skipped both my breakfast & lunch.  So, when Yenni asked me to step onto the weighing machine, I was thinking, wow, I should be feeling lighter as I don’t have anything in my stomach.  Well, the number of 89.9KG shocked me.  Well, imagine if I have eaten both breakfast and lunch on that day with a little bit of snacks (usually are chocolate found from the fridge in my office), I am guessing, my normal weight has exceed way beyond 90KG.  I am guessing, under a normal circumstances, my normal weight is 91-92KG.  Haha haha.  So, since my wife forced me to do this, let’s do it.  For the kids sake.  I would not want my over weight body to wosrsen my health.
Day 4:  Morning.  I started to get used to the making your breakfast in the morning.  I started to feel the energy in the morning, not like last time, when I cycle an hour without breakfast.  S, breakfast is important ya!  I friend myself an egg, cooked some duck meet, and wrapped with less fat butter and mayo.  Of course, before that, I ate my granny apple and some cherry tomatoes.
In the afternoon, we meet up with Justin’s mommy and daddy at Polliwogs.  So, we have lunch around Robertson Quay.  I ate a little bit more, but, cautiously. I think the good thing that I have learned is how to eat cautiously.  Haha
Day 4: Lunch
This is my soup.  I treat it as protein and veggies.  As it contains seafood, and bamboo shoots.  I took only half a bowl.  Yes, the key is not to take a full bowl like the normal Ken would do.  Haha
We order the dumplings.  It is meat and carbo.  I took 1 piece of it.
The same goes to my Xiao Long Bao… I took only one.
I love the pork liver and bean sprouts.  I ate a lot of bean sprouts.  And a few pieces of pork liver.
Love the oyster omelette.  But I only took 2 small pieces.
The 3-Cup chicken is nice.  Only eat 4-5 pieces of the chicken.
Lastly, can imagine, I only eat 1 scope of the braised pork rice?  Hahaha
That’s what I found.  After you understand what causes the fat, the extra weight, it is easier to control your in take.  There is a lot of reluctant, but with huge determination, it will help.
Day 4: Dinner.  As usual, half of Apple, and, home grown veggies, with Trim Shake.
Day 5:  Breakfast.  Today, let’s try a new bread.  Remember, the Germany three grains bread that I bought?  Haha haha 
I put chicken breast ham with veggies.  And still, the bread is TASTELESS.  Hahaha I don’t like the bread.  I will try to get rid of it soon.  Hahaha
Day 5:  Lunch.  I swapped today dinner with lunch.  So, I ate half of the green apple, took some tomatoes, and drank my Trim Shake for protein.
Day 6:  Dinner.  Going to be challenging.  I am hosting a wine gathering.  These are classmate during the wine class.  I attended 10 week class to learn about wine.  And these are my friends.  They gathered once a month or 2.  Always trying to find places where you can BYO your wine to the restaurant.
This time, I told Ben, I wIll pour wine, and try not to drink too much.  I will cook and try not to eat too much.  As I am the one cooking, I didn’t take a any photos at all.  Here is what I cooked.
1.  Tomato mozzarella.  I did not take any.  (Well done Ken!)
2.  Crackers with dip and Caviar.  I took 4 pieces.
3.  Cheese platter.  Ok, cannot resist, I tried all 5 types of cheese at small quantity.
4.  Beef, oxtail veggies soup.  I drank two bowl.  With lots of veggies.  2 small pieces of beef shank, and a oxtail.  Oh dear.
5.  Lemon garlic white wine steam mussels.  I took two mussels.
6.  My signature steaks.  I took 4 small pieces.
7.  Tomato spaghetti with small and big prawns.  I took a small bowl.
8.  Smoke duck meat.  1 piece.
9.  French chocolate.  I see everyone loves it.  I did dare to take.
10.  Wines…
My weakness.  I drank about 8 small glasses of wine.  Half pour.
Haha… Red wine got a lot of protein?  So, I walk in my home, from front door to my bed room, back and forth for 30 minutes, before, I hit the bed.
This morning, when I wake up, after my breakfast…
Day 6:  breakfast.  I made myself a nice overnight beef veggie soup and green apple and bread.
Cycle for an hour as usual.
So, thought of seeing how am I doing.  I hot the weighting machine.  And… Too my surprise…
Wow!  My normal weight last week was 91-92KG.  Today, I felt lighter at 87.1KG.  That is a healthy huge 4-5KG drop.  Wow.  

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