HSBC Women Golf Championship 2014

Date:  Feb 28, 2014

This is the first time I watch a professional golf competition.

Thanks to my friend who gave me this two tickets/card.

IMG 0533

The Champions Club is located on location #9 and it overseeing both the 9th green and 18 green.  Quite cool, but it is far.  

I think you need to bring your Superzoom to take better photos.  HaHa… But food and drinks is ok.  

IMG 0724

I parked my car at Vivocity and walk across the road to the bus interchange to take the free shuttle to the Sentosa GCC.  Every 20 minutes there is a bus.  
The first bus of the day is 8:20am.  But the tee off time for the first flight is 8:24.  So, by the time I reached Sentosa, the first flight already started. 

IMG 0728

Seeing the pros tee off, and hitting the shots is good.

As you can learn a lot from these pros.

They made every shots so easy.

IMG 0730

I played at Sentosa a couple of times.  The scenes are really nice.

IMG 0732

Sky Neal is the pro coach in Sentosa GCC.  I still adhoc learning from him.

Oh, he is giving an interview.

IMG 0733

This is the hole 17 of St Andrews course.  I managed to hit 1 ball out of 3 up.

There are a few people in front of me, all of them cannot even get a ball up.  So, I am so happy.  Wahahaha.

IMG 0736

One of the player is in trouble.  So, she waited there.

Then, the course umpire came.  And they were discussions how to solve this problem.

Irene Coe (US) hit her second shots near to the green, but the advertising signage is blocking her way to chip into the green.

IMG 0738

So, after rounds of discussions, she moved the ball from the 2nd signage to the first signage on the left and with one driver length, she moved the ball there.


I cannot understand why the umpire give this instruction.  Well, other players did not complaint.  So, the game move on.

This is the first time I see this in real actions.  Most of the time are from TV.

IMG 0739

I think all pros eat bananas.  I see 7 different pros eat bananas.  I guess they are hungry.

Every tee off box there is a water cooler with mineral water in there.  Some of the pro drink those.

Later on, I followed this Thai young lady and walk 9 holes with her.  

IMG 0740

Remember this photo I took few months back when I was playing at Panya Indra in Bangkok, that’s her playing.

Pornanong Phatlum.


I am probably the only spectator following Phatlum.

Of course not far from here, you see so many spectators following that group.  

Michelle Wie is in that group.  Wahahaha

IMG 0744

She is not a bad player.  But those US players are really better.

IMG 0746

Here is one of her swing.  

And who say cannot take picture?  Wahahahaha

I have fun.  I enjoyed it.

I walk a lot.

Almost 10KM on the course.  Cool!

IMG 0750

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