Junior Golf – Monthly Competition on Chip & Putts

Date:  Feb 23, 2014

Today, Jay Jay practise chip & putts.  Let’s look at how he chip in the ball into this hole.

Today is the monthly competition day.  Today competition is on chipping & putting.

It is a hot day, but it’s OK la.

IMG 0580

Higher class students are competing on the long challenging putts.

IMG 0586

Coach teaching Jay Jay on aiming, and swinging the clubs to do a correct chip.

IMG 0588

During the practise round, he corrected a lot of bad habits.  Wow! Nearly went inside the red circle. 

OK.  After few rounds of practise.  The competition begins.  The coach are not giving any tips to the students and the students will have to do the chip & putts all by themselves.  He chip from where I stand to there, and then start his putting.

IMG 0605

And 1 chip and 2 putts, he sinked the hole in 3.  Well done Jay Jay!

OK.  Here’s the result.  Jay won the boy’s competition.

IMG 0622

After the competition, more practise, and more corrections.  So, he slowly improve his swings, his understanding of golf.

After the class, since there are no buddy using the green, me and Jay Jay spent another 1 hour there just to do more practise on chipping and putting.  I also teach him what I know about chipping and putting.  And we went thru different slopes, and see how the ball being chip and run.

IMG 0634

We tried shop chip and long chip too.

Not too bad.

So, from now on, every Sunday, after his golf class, I have decided to stay back for one more hour just to practise more on the golf.  So to let him had more time to hit more balls on the real green.  Hopefully this will help him to be more familiarise with the game and slowly build his mental on the games.  

IMG 0608

The little girl (not little actually) saw Jay Jay put both pitching wedge and putter behind his back…

IMG 0582

She also tries to put both her clubs behind.  Cool!

IMG 0583

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