Calligraphy Brush With Ink

Date:  Feb 23, 2014



I ask Jay Jay to do the 听写 using this pen… and it is much much nicer calligraphy… wahahaha

IMG 0654

Much nicer…. indeed.  Even Jay also says it is much easier to write the 勾 & 撇.

IMG 0649

=====— Feb 23, 2014 4:22pm

That day, while shopping at Kinokunia book store, I found these.

IMG 0551

Very elegant calligraphy brush for Chinese Calligraphy.

IMG 0563

Made in Japan.  From Kyoto culture.

IMG 0567

It has ink inside.  So, you no need to use additional ink.  It is good for Children so that why do not make a mess when they do calligraphy.

IMG 0566

It also comes with very nice colours and pattern.

IMG 0552

OK.  It is a bit pricy thou… It cost almost $10.

IMG 0565

Now, this is the calligraphy pen that you can buy from popular book stores.  These calligraphy pen cost $1.85 (less than $2)

IMG 0560

But the difference is there…

These 古都 Chinese Calligraphy Pen/Brush is very soft.  Unlike those that you get from Popular, which is stiff, and you cannot “bend” so much when you do a stroke.

IMG 0553

This one, you can clearly stroke without a lot of efforts.  Means, you do not need to press so hard to produce a stroke, 撇,弯,勾,捺.

IMG 0554

It really gives a feeling of Chinese Calligraphy using real ink.  Japanese really good in inventing these kind of things.

IMG 0557

Let’s try it.  See, what I meant?  no need to hold it too stiff, and the ink will come out, and the strokes will come out very nicely.

Need to let me wife use, so that she can appreciate it, and justify why need to buy.  Whaahahahahahahahaha

Next, will be seeing how Jay Jay handling this.  Till then.

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